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This is an archive. To read the most recent news, see: News

December 2020

  • 24/12 - Exodus - Revisited have been removed from streaming. They were all available on YouTube but have now been taken down. They weren't formally announced as being released.
  • 22/12 - Exodus - Revisited featuring Eska has been released digitally. There are three versions, Extended, Edited, and Alternative.
  • 22/12 - Visuals for James Lavelle's upcoming live set at Lost Horizon 2 are being created by Bitvert according to their Instagram.
  • 18/12 - The Farewell reixes by AMTRAC are available now on streaming services. Titled 'UNKLE x Amtrac - Remixes', there are two versions of the remix, the Amtrac Rapid Remix and the Amtrac Remix.
  • 16/12 - The AMTRAC Remix of Farewell should be officially released on Friday according to the UNKLE Twitter.
  • 14/12 - A new remix of UNKLE's Farewell was premiered on KCRW last week, per the UNKLE Twitter. ‘Farewell (AMTRAC Rapid Mix)' is a remix of Farewell from The Road Part I. You can hear the remix played here from from 01:06:00.
  • 14/12 - UNKLE have been nominated as Remixer Of The Year by The Music Producers Guild. The two other nominees are lau.ra and Matthew Herbert, and you can see the entire shortlist here. This year UNKLE remixed Perry Farrell's 'Let's All Pray For This World', and Lindemann's 'Allesfresser'.
  • 11/12 - Futura is featured in The New York Times talking about his 30 year career, and at the very bottom of the page is a photo from 1999 featuring Futura in front of some previously unseen colour variations of the Unkle 77 Toy.
  • 10/12 - James Lavelle will DJ as part of the launch of DJ Krust's new album. The event will be streamed online, with tickets available now. See Resident Advisor for more details.
  • 6/12 - Gilles Peterson has played a new UNKLE song, ‘Exodus - Revisited (Extended Mix)'. You can hear it via the BBC at around 13:33. The song will also appear on UNKLE's Ronin mixtape project which is coming soon, as per the UNKLE Instagram.

November 2020

  • 28/11 - UNKLE have released a new remix by Girls of the Internet, Sunrise (Always Comes Around) (Girls of the Internet VIP Remix) (feat. Liela Moss). You can stream or purchase it now.
  • 22/11 - James Lavelle appears in The Story of Dunk - Episode 4 ‘Collabs’, where he discusses the Nike SB Dunk Hi DUNKLE. It is available to watch on YouTube or via Nike's SNKRS app.
  • 21/11 - UNKLE have announced that the Ar.Mour Ronan Dub is "from the forthcoming ‘Ronin’ mixtape series". No further details yet.
  • 20/11 - UNKLE have released a new remix of Ar.Mour. The Ronan Dub is available to stream now. According to their Instagram story the remix is by James Lavelle and Steven Weston who worked on The Road Part II as a writer and producer, per his website.
  • 12/11 - UNKLE have announced that End Titles... Redux will be re-issued on vinyl, and available to purchase on November 13 5PM GMT at their store. The announcement was made on their social media pages, such as posted to their Twitter. The vinyl will feature a splatter effect similar to the recent War Stories Instrumental release. The new 10" double vinyl edition will be signed and limited to 500 editions.
  • 7/11 - UNKLE have posted an update to backers of their Kickstarter announcing that rewards will begin shipping in six weeks. In August it was announced that the Deluxe Psyence Fiction was delayed indefinitely and instead backers would receive either a refund or a pack containing a record, cassette, and t-shirt. The update can be read by backers on Kickstarter.

October 2020

  • 26/10 - Charlie Dark from Attica Blues lists 10 records that changed his life on the Vinyl Factory website, including the first Attica Blues 12" which was released by James Lavelle on Mo' Wax. See the full list and article here.
  • 25/10 - There have been ongoing issues with the wiki for most of this year with users constantly being signed out. This appears ro be fixed now as we have switched to HTTPS. If you are unable to login then please make sure you use HTTPS at the front of the address.
  • 9/10 - The UNKLE x Girls Of The Internet remix EP is available to listen to now on Bandcamp. It is also available to stream on YouTube and other streaming services.
  • 6/10 - James Lavelle will DJ tonight as part of a live stream on Kindred London. Set times here, and you can listen here.
  • 2/10 - UNKLE have released a four track remix EP, UNKLE x Girls Of The Internet. It has been described as "the first in a new series." The UNKLE x Girls Of The Internet EP is available today for pre-order digitally and as a limited vinyl with only 500 pressings. The digital version will be avilable October 9, while the vinyl is expected to ship "on or around December 11". UNKLE have a new Bandcamp page for the EP, more details here.
  • 2/10 - UNKLE also have been featured in a short advertisement for NEIGHBORHOOD's Harajuku store re-opening. The song was 'Ar.mour (Dub)', an unreleased mix of the song from The Road Part II. You can see/hear it here

September 2020

  • 15/9 - James Lavelle is taking part in an artist talk on September 17th. More details here. The event is described as follows, "MIF hosts a weekly drop-in session on Zoom where artists and creatives can come together to share experiences and ideas during lockdown. Taking place every Thursday at 2pm, the drop-ins are free, and all artists and creatives are welcome. On Thursday 17 September, we’ll be joined by James Lavelle and LayFullstop."
  • 7/9 - The War Stories Instrumentals album has recently shipped to everyone who purchased it.

August 2020

  • 25/8 - James Lavelle released a statement to backers on Kickstarter regarding the Psyence Fiction Director's Cut. The project is delayed indefinitely and backers will be compensated with either a refund or a package featuring unreleased music and a t-shirt. For those who aren't backers who would like to read the statement it has been shared here by fans.

July 2020

  • 30/7 - James Lavelle appears on the latest episode of the Trailblazers podcast. Listen on Deezer here.
  • 30/7 - The latest episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones is now on Mixcloud. The episode will be the last for a while as Lavelle has said he is taking a break to focus on finishing other projects.
  • 29/7 - Yesterday James Lavelle posted the following statement on the UNKLE Facebook page: "I was utterly appalled and disappointed by the comments made by Wiley towards the Jewish community this weekend, and the lack of action taken by social media platforms. Antisemitism, as with all forms of racism, is something that completely and utterly unacceptable and has no place in our society. I stand by my Jewish family, my daughter, great friends and all of those I’ve worked with in this diverse world of music and art, and continue to stand against all forms of racism. I will be observing the 48 hour boycott of twitter and instagram."
  • 24/7 - Yesterday James Lavelle appeared on Pass The Mic, a show on the Beastie Boys Channel on SiriusXM. DJ Shadow also appeared on Pass The Mic earlier in the week. You can listen at Siriusxm.
  • 19/7 - DJ Shadow recently spoke to Pitchfork and it was revealed that a new documentary is in the works about his career. The film is referred to as a "mini-doc" and titled DJ Shadow: Lost and Found. Read the feature on here.
  • 14/7 - have recently played James Lavelle's That's How It Is Def Mix episodes one and two, and have also shared special version with commentary by James Lavelle. Details here.
  • 14/7 - The latest episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones is now on Mixcloud. Last weeks episodes was a repeat, and this new episode is James Lavelle's first back in the studio since the Corona Virus started.
  • 5/7 - are playing James Lavelle's That's How It Is Def Mix on Sunday. Details here. The next three parts of the mix are still being teased, but no dates have been confirmed for release.
  • 5/7 - The latest episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones was advertised as airing on June 29 but has not appeared online. It is possible it didn't air.

June 2020

  • 26/6 - Former UNKLE collaborator Rich File took part in an interview about his career. Watch the replay on Facebook.
  • 24/6 - James Lavelle has created a playlist Isolation Radio. See the details here or open it directly on Spotify here. Lavelle commented on the Isolation Radio website, "A two part soundtrack reflecting my journey through music over the past few months of lock down in these unique and challenging times…."
  • 18/6 - James Lavelle has created a playlist of songs featuring Mark Lanegan, some of which are collaborations with UNKLE. See the details here where you can save the playlist to Spotify or Apple Music.
  • 9/6 - The War Stories Instrumentals have been released, and sold out already. The release cost £35 and ships the week commencing 27th July 2020. Six new clothing items were also added to the Merch section of UNKLE's store. We will add images to our War Stories Merchandise page shortly.
  • 9/6 - An update was posted on Facebook regarding the Psyence Fiction Director's Cut: "Many thanks for your patience with this. The Psyence Fiction reissue is being scheduled for the end of the summer, and Kickstarter backers will be kept updated in these final stages of production. We will be getting in touch with all the backers shortly. Thank you for your continued support, Best, mgmt" This was posted as a comment replying to people in the War Stories Instrumentals post.
  • 4/6 - UNKLE have announced the War Stories Instrumentals will be released on vinyl in a special edition. "These will go on sale at 5pm BST on Monday 8th June, alongside an exclusive capsule collection of limited edition War Stories merchandise." Read the full announcement here on Instagram
  • 4/6 - James Lavelle appears in the new Summer issue of Q Magazine. He recommends three records he's currently listening to: Air - Air (1971), Tom Brock - I Love You More And More (1974), and Young Disciples - Road To Freedom (1991). You can read the issue with Pressreader here (but you may need a library card for free access), or purchase the issue at your local store.
  • 1/6 - Tonight the next episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones will air on Soho Radio. Listen here from 18:00 (6pm) London time. Last month Lavelle announced that from June his show would air every two weeks.

May 2020

  • 29/5 - Regular UNKLE contributor Jack Leonard has announced he is no longer working with UNKLE. On Instagram he recently about UNKLE's On My Knees featuring Michael Kiwanuka, from Alfonso Cueron’s Music inspired by the film Roma album. He said "Truly humbled to be involved. Think this was the last thing I did with James so concludes an epic chapter in my life." See the post here.
  • 29/5 - UNKLE have announced that the instruments for their album War Stories will be released on June 3rd 2020. Initially teased on Instagram, James Lavelle confirmed on Twitter that it was an instrumental release, though whether it will be digital or physical has not been mentioned. Select editions of War Stories were released with a bonus CD of instrumentals in 2007.
  • 25/5 - DJ Shadow has shared several old mixes from his archive on Mixcloud. Some from his Mo' Wax era. Listen here.
  • 24/5 - James Lavelle has shared his That's How It Is mix via the We Out Here Festival Mixcloud. Listen here. He also shared the following statement: "That's How It Is' was the club I started in the early '90s with Gilles Peterson which took place every Monday night at Bar Rumba on London's Shaftesbury Avenue, in the heart of Soho. I was 18 at the time, and together with his long term collaborator Janine Neye,‏ and Swifty on visuals, we launched the night. This is part of a series of mixes I've put together representing the time I played at the club, with this first part representing an extended warm up session, where it allowed me to experiment and develop what later became known as trip-hop."
  • 24/5 - Yesterday James Lavelle conducted a live tweet along to UNKLE's War Stories album on his Twitter account. You can read back over an archive here.
  • 22/5 - James Lavelle was due to perform at We Out Here festival in August but the festival has been postponed until Summer 2021. Read the festivals announcement here
  • 22/5 - James Lavelle has added some new playlists to his Spotify. He explained on Instagram: "I found that there was a lack of interesting playlists championing new music, and Transmissions focuses on that. The second playlist, Lockdown Road is a soundtrack inspired by these unique and challenging times. Both playlists will be regularly updated, so make sure you follow them."
  • 22/5 - UNKLE collaborator Matthew Puffett took part in an episode of the Headliner Radio podcast where he discussed his career, and remixing with UNKLE. Listen on Spotify here.
  • 14/5 - Yesterdays episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones is now available to listen to on Mixcloud. At the end of the show Lavelle mentions he will be back on Soho Radio for a new show on Monday June 1st, and that he will now be presenting a show every two weeks from then on. He also mentions he will have some new Spotify playlists up soon, a That's How It Is mix uploaded Friday, and that he is working on new music.
  • 13/5 - UNKLE's drummer, Alex Thomas, has taken part in a podcast called The Creative Voice, where he discusses his work. Listen on Spotify here.
  • 13/5 - UNKLE also released two more colours of their recent Billion Years T-shirts, now in grey and olive. They sold out quickly.
  • 6/5 - UNKLE have released two new t-shirts on their website celebrating Psyence Fiction. The shirts were limited to 50 editions per design and sold out quickly.
  • 4/5 - James Lavelle has released a new trailer for the Psyence Fiction Director's Cut. Watch it on Facebook here. The video suggests the special edition of Psyence Fiction will be released in Summer 2020. It was previously given tentative date of "Spring 2020". The video was created by Dorcia Studios who made the most recent UNKLE video projects.
  • 2/5 - James Lavelle appears on the recent size?sessions (20:20 Mix) and you can listen here on Mixcloud. Lavelle also took part in an interview where he discusses his collaborations with Bape and Nike etc., read that here.

April 2020

  • 29/4 - James Lavelle will appear on the size?sessions (20:20 Mix) this friday (May 1st). You will be able to listen here on the size Mixcloud.
  • 29/4 - Tim Burgess previously announced on Twitter that he will be talking to James Lavelle as part of a live listening of UNKLE's War Stories soon. The date has been confirmed for May 23rd 10pm on his website.
  • 26/4 - James Lavelle has added more mixes to his Mixcloud. The latest in an UNKLE Sounds mix from 2001 at Planet K, Manchester. Listen here.
  • 26/4 - BBC World Service have made available an old programme from 18 November 2019 where James Lavelle provided a playlist. Listen here.
  • 16/4 - The latest episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired on Wednesday. You can listen to it on Mixcloud now.
  • 11/4 - James Lavelle has uploaded another old mix from 1996, this one from London Fashion Week and featuring one Lavelle's first collaborations with The Psychonauts. Listen here on Mixcloud.
  • 11/4 - Tim Burgess has announced on Twitter that he will be talking to James Lavelle as part of a live listening of UNKLE's War Stories soon. Date to be confirmed.
  • 8/4 - Richard Russell has released a book about his career, and it touches on when his label (XL) joined up with Mo' Wax briefly. You can read that section for free via Google Books (it's only a few pages), or get the whole book at your bookstore, and the audiobook on Audible.
  • 7/4 - James Lavelle has upload a radioshow of his from 1996, the recording is of his Basiks show from London's GLR which aired on November 9 1996. Listen here.

March 2020

  • 31/3 - James Gaunt has released his book on the making of Psyence Fiction. It is available as a free download here, or can be purchased from Amazon. James Gaunt is a primary contributor of this wiki and created UnkleWiki from left over research from writing the book.
  • 31/3 - UNKLE have released a few old mixes on their Mixcloud. Listen to them here
  • 19/3 - UNKLE have announced there will be no episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones this week. In a message posted to their Instagram story they said due to travel restrictions they wouldn't present the show today, but would be working at home preparing for their next show in a few weeks.
  • 17/3 - UNKLE have released a remix of Lindemann's Allesfresser entitled Allesfresser (UNKLE Reconstruction). It is available to buy on Amazon exclusively.

February 2020

  • 13/2 - Reportedly January's episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones was a repeat of the Fabric show from 2019. Hopefully there is a new show this month.
  • 6/2 - James Lavelle will be DJing Ravenswood for Eat or Heat, London, on Feb 29. Details here.
  • 6/2 - James Lavelle has made an official announcement regarding We Out Here festival. Read it [1] here.
  • 5/2 - James Lavelle will be DJing as part of the We Out Here festival in Cambridgeshire, UK, held from August 20-23 2020. Lavelle will be teaming up with Gilles Peterson and special guests for a That's How It Is event. Details are on the We Out Here website with tickets selling now.

January 2020

  • 27/1 - The recent episode of Jay Carder's Spotlight show, featuring James Lavelle, is now available to listen to on Mixloud here. Lavelle appears around 1 hour and 10 minutes in and talks about three records he's looking forward to DJing soon.
  • 21/1 - James Lavelle has added a new playlist to Spotify entitled "Living In My Headphones... A Love Letter to New York", listen here.
  • 6/1 - James Lavelle has released a new Spotify playlist, the "James Lavelle Living in my headphones best of 2019 mix tape". Listen to it here or check the tracklist on our Living In My Headphones page.

December 2019

  • 28/12 - James Lavelle and the DUNKLE Shoe are discussed in a new interview with Virgil Abloh and Fraser Cooke, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Carri Munden and Nick Diamond. Read it here.
  • 27/12 - Two new t-shirts have been announced on UNKLE's web store. These feature artwork from The Road Part II and are available to pre-order now here. You can also see images of the collection on the wiki's Merch page.
  • 17/12 - UNKLE have released 80 more t-shirts across 5 designs. Buy them from the store here, or check them out on our Merch page.
  • 11/12 - UNKLE have teased they are in the studio working on a remix with singer Fran Lobo. See some photos on their Instagram here.
  • 6/12 - UNKLE have released a video for their song Catch Me When I Fall (fabric Club Mix), it features footage from the UNKLE:AI show at Fabric October 3 2019. Watch it here and read a bit more about it over at Clash Magazine.

November 2019

  • 30/11 - The two new Psyence Fiction t-shirts mentioned yesterday are now available to buy. They are limited to 50 for each of the two designs. Purchase them at the UNKLE online store here. You can also view them on our Merch page.
  • 29/11 - The UNKLE Instagram has been teasing some new Psyence Fiction t-shirts.
  • 29/11 - James Lavelle has appeared on the podcast Off The Beat & Track, listen here.
  • 26/11 - The next episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones will air this Wednesday on Soho Radio, Wednesday 27th November.
  • 26/11 - Charlie Dark of Mo' Wax's Attica Blues appeared on Australian Radio earlier this week. Listen back here, and after chatting and playing some tunes he discusses Mo' Wax and his group Attica Blues at about one hour in.
  • 20/11 - DJ Shadow appeared on the Podcast 'Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip' and discussed his new album, as well as his work with UNKLE. Listen here.
  • 16/11 - James Lavelle was interviewed on BBC Radio with Skinny Pelembe, listen here.
  • 16/11 - Last week UNKLE released a Radio Edit of their new single CATCH ME WHEN I FALL (FABRIC CLUB MIX), listen here.
  • 16/11 - James Lavelle also took part in a podcast about Fabric recently, listen here as Lavelle plays some songs and discusses when the Fabric club first opened.
  • 7/11 - James Lavelle is also interviewed in a new documentary about Bristol's The Wild Bunch, who later evolved in to Massive Attack. Watch it here.

October 2019

  • 30/10 - The next episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones will air today on Soho Radio, Wednesday 30th October in the UK.
  • 30/10 - James Lavelle has also been selected as a curator in Shure24's new program to celebrating "the people pushing the limits of audio culture around the world, brought to you by Shure and Mixcloud." James Lavelle has selected a group of young people he feels deserve to have their work heard, these include: Hannah Brodrick, Shy One, Miink, Fran Lobo, Skinny Pelembe & Ailbhe Mairead. As part of this program Lavelle has recorded a video about why he is taking part which you can watch here. Further details on the program are available here.
  • 30/10 - James Lavelle has also recorded a 30 minute podcast for Shure24 where he discusses "the evolution of club culture and what London sounds like for him today." Listen to it on Mixcloud.
  • 29/10 - James Lavelle took part in a recent episode of Rebel Radio for Soho Radio. Listen back here.
  • 29/10 - Two recent flyers for UNKLE's Athens show featured artwork by James Lavelle from when he was 8 years old. Check them here and here.
  • 29/10 - UNKLE had two new t-shirt designs for their Fabric UNKLE:AI show. Take a look here. They have since sold out.
  • 5/10 - UNKLE will be in Athens on October 11 for Sonar Athens, details here.
  • 5/10 - James Lavelle will be in Leeds on November 2 for Reset Halloween, details here.
  • 5/10 - Swifty is selling an original poster from the Headz Tour 1994, only three are available. Details here.
  • 5/10 - UNKLE have released a video for Feel More / With Less (feat. Liela Moss, Miink & Philip Sheppard). Watch it here.
  • 5/10 - UNKLE have also released Sunrise (Always Comes Around) [Audion Remix] digitally. Listen here.
  • 5/10 - There's some images of the recent Fabric XX Unkle AI merch here.
  • 4/10 - James Lavelle also took part in a recent episode of Fiver On The Door, list to that here.
  • 4/10 - UNKLE have released a recording of a live show from 2001 when Rich File and James Lavelle were both members. List on Mixcloud. The show was recorded at Fabric on Jan 26 2001.
  • 4/10 - UNKLE released some more Merch for The Road Part II. Some images are on our The Road Part II Merchandise page. They have also teased some new t-shirts for the UNKLE AI show at Fabric.
  • 4/10 - Futura has a new book due for release in 2020, pre-orders are available no. Details here.

September 2019

  • 6/9 - Beyond The Road ends September 8. Details here.

August 2019

  • 31/8 - The Man From Mo' Wax documentary is now available to stream in more locations worldwide alongside the DVD's bonus features, and a new 30 minute bonus featurette entitled Adventure's In Psyence Fiction. This can be streamed on Vimeo in most countries. The new doco features "in depth additional interview content from DJ Shadow, James Lavelle, Ian Brown, Osman Eralp, Richard File, Pablo Clements, Steve Finan, former MixMag Editor and Author Dom Philips. The making of 'Be There'. The impact of Lonely Soul. Mo'Wax management with Osman Eralp and Steve Finan. New never before seen behind the scenes footage from James Lavelle. Personal photography from James Lavelle during the Psyence Fiction Recordings. Richard File's involvement in Psyence Fiction." Details here.
  • 28/8 - James Lavelle has announced the Psyence Fiction Director's Cut will be released next year, Sprint 2020. Spring in the UK is between March and June. A video has also been released teasing the release here. It is simply some artwork played with UNKLE's Nursery Rhyme.
  • 27/8 - Last month James Lavelle took part in a talk regarding the Beyond The Road show at Saatchi Gallery. It was broadcast on Soho Radio and is now available to listen to on Mixcloud here. There is also a photo from the talk on the Soho Radio Facebook page here.
  • 27/8 - Beyond The Road show at Saatchi Gallery ends September 8, but has some late night extended hours until September 5. Details here.
  • 8/8 - James Lavelle has been interviewed by Elephant about his Beyond The Road show. Have a read here.
  • 2/8 - Fabric have announced a series of events to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. These include UNKLE: AI on Thursday 3rd October, followed by a night curated by James Lavelle on Friday 4th October - Full details here.
  • 2/8 - UNKLE's short film The Lost Highway is also available now on YouTube.

July 2019

  • 24/7 - DJ Shadow has announced his next album will be out this year on Mass Appeal Records/Liquid Amber. A new single "Rocket Fuel" featuring De La Soul out tomorrow, and you can hear a snippet right now here.
  • 24/7 - DJ Shadow is also taking part in another "DJ Shadow Storage Sale", read more of that here. A limited 7" vinyl 45 of the new single "Rocket Fuel" will be available at the Storage Sale as well.
  • 24/7 - Rich File, who was part of UNKLE from Never Never Land and the next several albums, released his solo album officially this year. The self titled album is available here. Rich has been posting on his Instagram recently about wanting to hire someone to make a video for his next single. Reach out to him if you're interested.
  • 19/7 - Fabric are celebrating 20 years of Fabric Live. James Lavelle and The Scratch Perverts are some of the several people who commented on their Fabric memories on the Fabric Blog here.
  • 19/7 - Yesterday James Lavelle took part in a Q&A with Eddy Temple-Morris, Colin Nightingale and Stephen Dobbie, regarding Beyond The Road at Saatchi Gallery. It was streamed live on Soho Radio. We will let you know if a recording surfaces.
  • 12/7 - Beyond The Road at Saatchi Gallery has been extended until 8th September. Details here.
  • 12/7 - On July 1st UNKLE's new film The Lost Highway debuted at BFI IMAX in Waterloo. If you are in the UK you should be able to watch it on the BFI website. The film was created by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones who have previously worked with UNKLE on various shorts over the years.
  • 11/7 - James Lavelle has been interviewed on the Podcast Life In The Stocks, find the details here or listen here now.
  • 11/7 - We previously mentioned that James Lavelle will be in Serbia for a screening of The Man From Mo'Wax on July 25 at the European Film Festival. It has now been announced that he will take part in a DJ set as part of the Summer3p Festival presented by the European Film Festival. Details here.

June 2019

  • 27/6 - The Road Part II Merchandise has been cancelled. If you pre-ordered you should have received an email regarding this. No further details are known.
  • 27/6 - Beyond The Road was featured on Channel Four recently, watch the segment here.
  • 27/6 - You can win a pair of tickets to the premiere of ‘THE LOST HIGHWAY’ at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo on 1st July, and a signed poster. See UNKLE's recent Instagram posts for details here.
  • 27/6 - UNKLE performed at Tbilisi Open Air 2019 in Georgia recently on 22 June. UNKLE shared a couple of photos here and here.
  • 16/6 - Beyond The Road opened this week. The project is a collaboration between James Lavelle, producer Colin Nightingale and sound designer/creative director Stephen Dobbie both from theatre company Punchdrunk. Reviews are positive, with the NME calling it "stunning", read their review here. Creative Review call it "an introspective journey through Lavelle’s world", read their review here. Beyond The Road is at London’s Saatchi Gallery until July 24. Details here.
  • 16/6 - UNKLE will perform in Istanbul on the 14th of July as part of Festtogether 2019. Tickets can be purchased here, and more details are on the festival website here. Note: none of it is in English.
  • 16/6 - James Lavelle will be in Serbia for the European Film Festival on 25 July. He will attend a screening of The Man From Mo'Wax, and take part in a Q&A. Details here.
  • 8/6 - UNKLE are performing at the Guadalupe Valley Wine, Food & Music Festival on September 14th, 2019. Details here.
  • 5/6 - Last month James Lavelle took part in the Classic Album Sundays at the Royal Albert Hall. A video recording of the event is now available to watch on Facebook here, and there are some photos on the Classic Album Sundays website here.

May 2019

  • 23/5 - The Trust Soundtrack by James Lavelle is now available to pre-order on vinyl. Details here.
  • 23/5 - UNKLE have announced a Russian 2019 Tour. Dates on the UNKLE Instagram here.
  • 19/5 - Two new t-shirts have been added to the UNKLE store here. They feature artwork from the recent album The Road Part II.
  • 11/5 - James Lavelle is taking part in a talk on May 22 entitled 'Future of the Exhibition: Digital, Sensorial, Immersive.' The talk is with Lavelle, Andrew Melchior and Katie Baron and will be held at the Ace Hotel London as part of Frieze Academy. Details here.
  • 9/5 - James Lavelle was on Australia's Double J today. Audio should be up soon, listen back here when it is available.
  • 9/5 - Yesterday Lavelle also updated contributors to the Kickstarter promising "We will be following soon with full tracklist and product details." This is in reference to the Director's Cut of 1998's Psyence Fiction album by UNKLE. He also shared Chico's Jam, a track he has previously played on his Living In My Headphones show.
  • 1/5 - James Lavelle has announced Beyond The Road "a ground-breaking, fully immersive exhibition...developed by Punchdrunk creatives Colin Nightingale and Stephen Dobbie, in collaboration with James Lavelle." Beyond The Road will be at Saatchi Gallery from 12th June - 24th July 2019. Details here

April 2019

  • 29/4 - Previously it was reported that James Lavelle would be DJing at a Berlin screening of Man From Mo'Wax on April 26 2019. It looks as though the date has been changed to September 20th 2019. Details here.
  • 29/4 - Photos by Emmanuel Poteau from UNKLE's show at Royal Festival Hall on 28 May 2019 are available here.
  • 29/4 - Snack Mag have interviewed James Lavelle, read it here.
  • 29/4 - The article from High Snobiety is availble to read in full on their website.
  • 26/4 - Issue 18 of High Snobiety has been given a special James Lavelle edition with three different designs available. There's also some UNKLE related stickers. Available to buy here.
  • 26/4 - UNKLE have also been teasing a video project of some sort. A poster has been released on their Instagram here.
  • 18/4 - Tonight the next episode of Living In My Headphones is on Soho Radio tonight, and tomorrow will feature a four hour recording of James Lavelle Live from Concrete Lates. Check the schedule here and see our Concrete Lates page here.
  • 13/4 - James Lavelle gave an extensive interview to The Book of Man. They talk about mental health, the new album, and James again mentions planning a Talkin' Loud Reunion show at some point. Read it here.
  • 13/4 - James Lavelle also spoke with Clash Music on the new album, and what it's like to record as UNKLE. Read more here.
  • 12/4 - James Lavelle appeared on BBC Wales to speak with Janice Long. Listen here. He appears about 1 hour and 15 minutes in.
  • 12/4 - UNKLE will release Audion’s remix of ‘Sunrise (Always Comes Around)’ tomorrow for Record Store Day. "Available exclusively on hand stamped 10” vinyl, and clocking in at over 13 minutes. Limited to only 500 copies worldwide." Images here.
  • 9/4 - James Lavelle will be at the Royal Albert Hall to discuss music as part of their Classic Album Sundays on May 28th. There is a Facebook Event here, and you can purchase tickets here.
  • 9/4 - Unkle have their on Mixcloud with reposts of the recent Soho Takeover as well as misc shows James Lavelle has appeared on recently. Check them here.
  • 9/4 - James Lavelle spoke to Music Week about the new album here, and gave The Financial Times a tour of his house here.
  • 4/4 - Soho Radio has uploaded the Unkle takeover to their Mixcloud. Listen to the latest episode of Living In My Headphones here, That's How It Is + Wild Bunch + Alex Baby here, The Road Part II here, UNKLE Live In Tokyo here, James Lavelle Live In The Mix here, Ghost Fashion Show here, Live at Fabric here, and A Night's Interlude Mix here.
  • 4/4 - Reviews are in for The Road Part II, check them here.
  • 4/4 - James Lavelle will be on BBC6 reviewing music today as part of Steve Lamacq's Roundtable, details here.

March 2019

  • 29/3 - The Road Part II is now out and available to stream on streaming services (depending on availability and your timezone)
  • 29/3 - A timelines of the 12 hour takeover has been announced here. It will include an episode of Living In My Headphones, a DJ Milo mix, a track by track run through of The Road Part II, and some old and new live show recordings. You can stream the show here when it is available.
  • 28/3 - Further details on the album signing and Soho Radio Takeover are here. The Takeover will air on Soho Culture from 12pm, while the signing will start at Jäger Soho at 1:30pm with doors opening at 1pm. Rough Trade have the times on their website here. The Takeover will last 12 hours.
  • 22/3 - James Lavelle has released further details on their 18 Apr 2019 gig as part of Concrete Lates. Read details here.
  • 20/3 - On the 29th of March to celebrate the release of The Road: Part II - Lost Highway, James Lavelle will take part in a 12 hour takeover of Soho Radio. There will also be a pop-up shop in the Jäger Soho space on Great Windmill Street, with a record signing event. Deatils here with more details promised soon.
  • 16/3 - Further details for James Lavelle's upcoming appearance in Israel on March 21 are now on Resident Advisor.
  • 15/3 - UNKLE have uploaded a new song Crucifixion / A Prophet (Radio Edit). Listen here.
  • 12/3 - James Lavelle will also be making an instore appearance at Sound Knowledge as part of the series of instores promoting The Road Part II. Details on all shows are on our page The Road Part II Instores, and were announced recently here.
  • 5/3 - James Lavelle appears in an episode of 'What's In My Bag', watch it here.
  • 2/3 - UNKLE will perform at Atlas Weekend in July. Details here.
  • 1/3 - UNKLE will have a special 10" record for sale as part of Record Store Day on April 13 2019. The track is Sunrise (Always Comes Around) [Audion Remix], a remix of the song from The Road Part I. Details here.

February 2019

  • 28/2 - James Lavelle will appear at a screening of The Man From Mo'Wax on the 26th of April in Berlin, Germany. Details here.
  • 28/2 - UNKLE have a song featuring Keaton Henson in the new short film The First Time I Saw Your Face. Watch it here. The song was previously released in 2014.
  • 27/2 - James Lavelle appeared on Reprezent Radio to talk about the new UNKLE album. Listen here. It starts around 1:09:00.
  • 27/2 - People who pre-order The Road Part II from the UNKLE webstore will be entered in to a competition to win "a haul of rare signed UNKLE merch, toys, vinyl and CDs from James Lavelle’s archive, worth over £500." Details here.
  • 23/2 - UNKLE have announced all pre-orders of The Road Part II made through their webstore will be signed. Details here
  • 23/2 - James Lavelle will be DJing and signing records at Crash Records on April 3rd. Details here
  • 23/2 - UNKLE have release a new track called Only You, listen to it here
  • 21/2 - James Lavelle will also make an appearance Gatefield Sounds on April 2. Tickets are available for those who pre-order The Road Part II. Details here.
  • 21/2 - James Lavelle has announced further DJ sets at Rough Trade East on Saturday, 30th March 2019 at 6:00pm, where Lavelle will also be signing copies of The Road Part II. Details here. And a Free DJ set at Phase One - Liverpool starting 5th of April at 6:00pm. There will also be a signing after the DJ set. Details here.
  • 18/2 - James Lavelle has an upcoming DJ set at Banquet Records on Monday 1st April at 6:00pm. Details here.
  • 18/2 - James Lavelle also recently took part in a Q&A about the Roma Soundtrack with Alfonso Cuarón and T-Bone Burnett. The full Q&A is online here.
  • 6/2 - The previously reported events in Oslo, Norway are still on, but the dates are March 1st, rather than the previously reported Feb 28. James Lavelle will take part in a Q&A at by:Larm (Details here) and a club night at Jaeger (Details here).
  • 6/2 - James Lavelle has announced he will be performing at Southbank on March 18, as part of their Concrete Lates series. Details here.
  • 6/2 - James Lavelle was on BBC6 on February 2nd as part of Nemone's Electric Landlady. He played a mix of exclusive Unkle and Mo'Wax tracks. Further details, tracklisting and downloads can be found on the Unkle77 Forum.
  • 1/2 - NPR are streaming the new album Music Inspired by the Film ROMA from tomorrow (or later today depending on your timezone). The album features a new song by UNKLE called On My Knees, as well as contributions from DJ Shadow, Beck, Laura Marling, Patti Smith, and El-P. Read a review and listen here soon.

January 2019

  • 25/1 - The tracklisting for the latest episode of Living In My Headphones is now up. It featured the following unreleased songs UNKLE - Chico Jam, Massive Attack - Karmacoma (Alternative UNKLE Situation Remix), The Prunes - Heads, and Sam Sever - Zone Alone.
  • 24/1 - Unkle have a new song coming out February 8 called On My Knees. The track features Michael Kiwanuka, and will feature on the new album Music Inspired by the Film ROMA. The album will also feature DJ Shadow among other artists, read more here and take a look at a photo from the recording sessions here.
  • 24/1 - The Psyence Fiction reissue is available in shops and is now on Discogs. Fair warning, the artwork advertises the website '' but this no longer is owned by UNKLE, and it will redirect you to a gambling website. No reviews have been posted yet regarding the sound quality.
  • 23/1 - FML has listed James Lavelle as appearing at "Mizpe Gvulot at Mizpe Gvulot , Kibutz Gvulot , IL" on Thursday 21st March 2019.
  • 21/1 - James Lavelle will be on BBC6 February 2nd as part of Nemone's Electric Landlady. Listen here once the show is available. This news came from jaybee on the Unkle77 Forums
  • 16/1 - James Lavelle has posted an update to the Kickstarter regarding the Psyence Fiction reissue. As many assumed, it will be released in 2019 to celebrate the albums 21st Anniversary. You can read the full post here, but the gist is the Psyence Fiction: Director's Cut will have a formal announcement in May, with the Kickstarter edition being "an exclusive one-off hand finished version, signed and numbered, and completely exclusive to those who pledged for it."
  • 16/1 - Psyence Fiction is also being reissued on vinyl seperate from the new edition from James Lavelle This was reported as coming last year, but now has a release date of January 25 2019. This will feature the same tracks as all previous editions with nothing new reported. It can be found on Amazon and other stores online.
  • 10/1 - A video for Ar.Mour has been released on YouTube along with a press release where James Lavelle reveals The Road is part of a trilogy: "The first record is like you’re leaving home; you’re naive and on a journey of discovery. There are elements of my early days in there, as well as a bit of everything since....This record is the journey. You’re on the road, out there in the world. There are let downs, highs, lows, love, loss and experiences. The third record to come is basically about coming home; wherever that may be." Read the whole thing here. Full album credits with all guest artists are also available to read here.
  • 6/1 - Spotify have interviewed James Lavelle about his work on the Trust Soundtrack. Read it here.

December 2018

  • 28/12 - Rich File has released a new album 'Only The Lucky Ones', currently only available on YouTube.
  • 26/12 - A Christmas message from James Lavelle has been posted to Facebook: "Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year... Just wanted to thank you for all the support of the past 12 months...With Love, James"
  • 22/12 - James Lavelle appeared on BBC Radio 6 to play his Desert Island Disco selections. Listen here. Lavelle's mix start at approximately 37 minutes in.
  • 22/12 - James Lavelle took part in a discussion on the Beastie Boys on December 13 and it's now online to hear. The Sonos x Beastie Boys Q&A was held at Rough Trade East with special guests Don Letts, James Lavelle and host Miranda Sawyer. Listen here. There's some photos from the event on Instagram here.
  • 16/12 - UNKLE have made their next album available for pre-order on their official store as well as digitally via iTunes. THE ROAD: PART II - Lost Highway will release 29th March 2019 and will be a double album, with a special 3 CD edition also available containing instrumentals. A full tracklisting is available here. Currently the album is available to pre-order on CD, Vinyl, Cassette and Digital, and will feature artworks by John Stark and photography by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.
  • 14/12 - UNKLE have released another new track, The Other Side featuring Tom Smith and Philip Sheppard. Listen here.
  • 13/12 - James Lavelle will take part in a phone Q&A at a screening of The Man From Mo'Wax on December 15 in Conwy UK, bookings here.
  • 9/12 - Upcoming gigs for James Lavelle at Band on the Wall (13 Dec 2018) and Thelka (14 Dec 2018) have been removed from Lavelle's agents website, FMLY. No information has been given as to when or why these were cancelled, but the venue's websites don't mention Lavelle at all and have other events on those nights.

November 2018

  • 30/11 - UNKLE have released their new single, Ar.Mour featuring Miink & Elliot Power. Listen here.
  • 29/11 - James Lavelle has been interviewed by Inverted Audio, read it here. He mentions an upcoming tour of South America, but no dates are listed.
  • 26/11 - James Lavelle was interviewed by a magazine about The Man From Mo' Wax film. Read it here.
  • 22/11 - A new interview with James Lavelle has been uploaded as part of the TuneIn Conversation series. Listen here.
  • 20/11 - UNKLE announce they will be playing live at Royal Festival Hall on 19 Apr 2019. Tickets are on sale to the general public on the 21st. Details and tickets available here.
  • 20/11 - Also in 2019, James Lavelle will be in Oslo, Norway on Thursday 28th February. He will be taking part in a Q&A session for the by:Larm Conference, and later will also be DJing at Jaeger that same day. This was noted in an earlier news post but without the link to by:Larm which contains more details.
  • 20/11 - Ross Allen's interview is now available to stream via NTS on Mixcloud.
  • 16/11 - Yesterday James Lavelle sat down with Ross Allen for an interview on NTS, audio coming soon but it should appear on his Mixcloud.
  • 16/11 - James Lavelle appeared at the opening of REBELS, the new exhibition at the Bargehouse. More information on the event is here, with descriptions of the works here. Here's a photo of James Lavelle at the opening, and there are more photos on Facebook. James Lavelle contributed a song that accompanies a sculpture installation by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones. The song is a variation on a new UNKLE track titled 'Requiem' featuring additional production from Cameron Craig. The exhibition runs from 15-17th of Novemeber.
  • 16/11 - The latest episode of Living In My Headphones is now available to hear on Mixcloud. A new UNKLE track has been previewed, the song is called Armour and can be heard here. It will be released in "a few weeks".
  • 10/11 - The Trust Soundtrack is now available to purchase digitally on Bandcamp, and available to stream on Spotify etc.
  • 9/11 - Two new tour dates have been spotted on James Lavelle's management's page, FMLY. December 13 at Band On The Wall, Manchester, and December 14 at The Thekla, Bristol.
  • 8/11 - The Man From Mo' Wax is still screening worldwide, and will screen in North London on Saturday 10th November at Arthouse Crouch End, starting 7PM followed by a Q&A featuring James Lavelle and the filmmakers hosted by Giles Alderson from The Filmmakers Podcast. Details here.
  • 8/11 The Man From Mo' Wax will also screen in Oxford on Monday 26th November at the Curzon Cinema starting 6.10pm. The film screening will be followed by a Q&A featuring James Lavelle. Details here.
  • 8/11 - The Trust Soundtrack will be released digitally on the 9th of November by Lakeshore Records, and pre-orders on iTunes are now available. You can hear 'Theme From Trust' here.

October 2018

  • 17/10 - Yesterday James Lavelle performed a DJ set at Spiritland in London. Unfortunately the start had severe audio issues with the sound cutting out and crackling, but the video is interesting as a close up look of Lavelle's DJ technique. You can watch the recording here.
  • 17/10 - James Lavelle's recent DJ set on Worldwide FM is now available to stream on their Mixcloud. The mix is called 'James Lavelle presents UNKLE Def Mix', and is billed as "an exclusive UNKLE mixtape including UNKLE classics, edits and exclusive tracks, by James Lavelle, the founder of Mo'Wax."
  • 13/10 - The Trust soundtrack by James Lavelle will be released digitally in the coming weeks. See a tracklisting and more information here.
  • 12/10 - Several upcoming live dates for James Lavelle are avilable on his management's page FMLY. Dates include: October 26 at Clubland at Verde Arena Centro de Convenciones, Cali, CO. October 27 at Clubland at Agora Centro de Convenciones. October 7 December at Plano B, Porto, PT. October 28 February 2019 at By:Larm, Oslo, NO. October 28 February 2019 at Jaeger, Oslo, NO.
  • 6/10 - From last weeks Look Up series, Giles Peterson's conversation with James Lavelle is now available for listening to on the Worldwide Mixcloud. The talk starts around 1:30:00 in.
  • 5/10 - The Red Bull documentary on Major Force is now on YouTube here, and it includes full English subtitles.
  • 4/10 - Living In My Headphones Episode Nine is available to hear on Mixcloud. James says the Bar Rumba show with Giles that they have been planning has been pushed back to February 2019. A new UNKLE song is also played, which will appear on the forthcoming The Road Part II Lost Highway.
  • 4/10 - James Lavelle will appear at Alfresco Festival 2019 in May next year. Details here.
  • 3/10 - The Man from Mo'Wax will have it's Los Angeles premiere on Saturday October 20 at The Regent Theater, with an introduction and DJ set by James Lavelle. The DJ set is billed as Unkle Sounds. Details here.
  • 3/10 - On September 29 Lavelle DJed at another screening of The Man from Mo'Wax in Ireland, this time at The Sugar Club. Photos will be added here later.

September 2018

  • 28/9 - James Lavelle also performed an exclusive UNKLE remix on Worldwide FM earlier. It should be available to listen to again here soon.
  • 28/9 - Giles Peterson's conversation with James Lavelle from Look Up should be available soon to listen to on the Worldwide website.
  • 28/9 - Resident Advisor have uploaded a long interview with James Lavelle as part of their Resident Advisor Exchange series. You can download a copy and read further details here or listen on Mixcloud here.
  • 28/9 - The official UNKLE Instagram have also posted three photos from Giles Peterson's Look Up talk with James Lavelle: 1 2 3, Giles also posted this photo, and this one on the Look Up Instagram, and here's another one of a James Lavelle print that was available for sale.
  • 20/9 - Next week on 27 Sep 2018, Unkle Redux will be at Festival of Sound. Tickets are £25 and available on their website here.
  • 20/9 - Red Bull have released a documentary on Major Force which features James Lavelle. Watch it here, or read an article on Major Force here. Note: The Lavelle interview is in English, but the rest is all in Japanese. There will be further updates over the coming weeks.
  • 20/9 - The Man From Mo' Wax Directors and Producers Matthew and MJ McMahon have spoken about making the film in a new podcast here.
  • 13/9 - The BBC has started airing Trust, the TV series directed by Danny Boyle with a soundtrack by James Lavelle and friends. Here's some footage of the soundtrack being recorded at Stanley Kubrick's estate.
  • 10/9 - James Lavelle and Director Matthew Jones will take part in a signing of The Man from Mo'Wax DVD, 6PM September 10 at Fopp Covent Garden (1 Earlham Street, WC2H 9LL London). Details here or here.
  • 10/9 - A very short snippet from James Lavelle and Charlie Dark's recent Q&A is available here.
  • 10/9 - DJ Shadow took over Gilles Peterson's BBC 6Music show on Saturday, and you can listen back to it here. It's three hours of fantastic music. DJ Shadow also has a regular show on KCRW called ‘Find, Share, Rewind’, find out more about that here.
  • 10/9 - James Lavelle was interviewed by Radio NZ about The Man From Mo'Wax documentary, you can read/listen to it here.
  • 8/9 - Chris Davison has shared a gallery of photos from the Never Never Land sessions on their website. Lots of behind the scenes photos of the recording sessions including photos of Ian Brown, Rich File and James Lavelle.
  • 8/9 - Elliot Power has posted a photo on Instagram of the Psyence Fiction 20th Anniversary edition on vinyl. No other information has been released regarding formats for the re-issue, or dates of release.
  • 7/9 - The Man from Mo'Wax Bluray/DVD boxset appears to have been delayed from a September 10 date to September 17 on, though the date remains September 10 on the BFI website.
  • 4/9 - James Lavelle appeared on BBC Radio London with Robert Elms to promote The Man from Mo'Wax documentary - listen here - the interview starts around 8:55 mins in.
  • 4/9 - James Lavelle and Charlie Dark will also take part in a Q&A at a screening of The Man from Mo'Wax at Olympic Cinema (Barnes). Tickets and details available here
  • 4/9 - There are also more photos of the Mo'Wax Beer created for the New Zealand screening of The Man from Mo'Wax. See them here
  • 1/9 - Last night 30 Aug 2018, was the London debut of The Man from Mo'Wax documentary. A live Q&A was streamed on Facebook, a recording is available to watch here. James Lavelle had a DJ set after the Q&A. The soundtrack to the film is also available now in stores. Read some thoughts of the event here.
  • 1/9 - ITV London had a live interview streamed on Facebook yesterday. You can watch a recording here

August 2018

  • 30/8 - Giles Peterson has organised Look Up, where he will interview James Lavelle and Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphywith at Edwards Lane Gallery on September 25. Other events include an interview between Giles Peterson and Goldie. Information at tickets available here.
  • 28/8 - Last Friday, Unkle posted a video on their Facebook, and other social media accounts, announcing the previously announced Psyence Fiction Directors Cut is "coming soon".
  • 28/8 - For the upcoming New Zealand screening of The Man from Mo'Wax, a Mo'Wax Beer has been produced by Hallertau Brewery.
  • 26/8 - James Lavelle will appear at a screening of The Man from Mo’Wax on 30 Aug 2018 at BFI Southbank. He will also take part in a Q&A, a DJ Set, and play new Unkle music. Tickets available here.
  • 14/8 - James Lavelle and Philip Sheppard present Unkle Redux on 27 Sep 2018. Tickets available here
  • Living In My Headphones Episode 7 is available on Mixcloud. Lavelle played a live recording of Lonely Soul from 28 Nov 2000. He also mentioned that the re-release of Psyence Fiction is back on track, and that updates will be coming soon to the Unkle Facebook page. He also mentioned he and Giles Peterson are planning a gig at Bar Rumba for Autumn much like their Thats How It Is days.
  • James Lavelle appeared on BBC6 to talk about The Man From Mo’Wax documentary film
  • James Lavelle is interviewed in the August edition of DJ Mag - #584
  • The Man From Mo’Wax documentary has announced more international screenings. Get tickets here.