UNKLE Summer Series

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UNKLE Summer Series
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In August 2020 UNKLE released a new series of t-shirts sold through the UNKLE web-store, with the t-shirts featuring the pointman and angel logos on the back and an UNKLE text logo on the front for the pointman tee, and a pointman logo on the front for the angel tee. The t-shirts were available in two seperate colours, black and white, with different coloured prints. Each t-shirt was priced at £35.00 and was shipped with foil stickers, also featuring the UNKLE logos.

The web-store described the t-shirts as follows:

"Screenprinted heavyweight cotton t-shirt featuring the classic UNKLE font in halftone camo fade on the front, and pointman logo on the back.

Limited edition of 50. Each tee features a numbered tag and two stickers.

This is a pre-order and will be dispatched from week commencing 14th September 2020"[1]

On August 29 2020 the UNKLE Instagram page announced new items had been added to the store. These included t-shirts, long sleeved tees and masks, and would ship the week commencing 21st September. While the tees were still limited to 50, the masks don't have any information regarding limited numbers and only give the following description: "Facemask in halftone UNKLE camo, with classic pointman logo."[2]

Masks were priced at £15, t-shirts £35, and long sleeved tees £40.


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