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Welcome to the Unkle Wiki

This is an unofficial wiki relating to Unkle, James Lavelle and Mo'Wax

The primary emphasis of this site is to create a gigography collecting reviews, photos, posters etc. for every Unkle gig. But it can be more. It would be amazing to expand to all Mo'Wax artists, but that is up to you.

Current Pages

  • Gigography - focusing on James Lavelle and Unkle gigs
  • Charts - Mo' Wax releases in the Music Charts
  • Merchandise - A list of James Lavelle and Unkle merchandise
  • Bibliography - A listing of articles and interviews relating to Unkle

Future Pages

  • and more... - The Wiki is what you make of it.

Unkle Updates

Recent / Upcoming Events

  • Dec 22 - James Lavelle will DJ as part of the launch of DJ Krust's new album. Details on Resident Advisor.

Recent / Upcoming Releases

  • January 2021 - UNKLE 'Exodus - Revisited' featuring Eska
  • February 10 2021 - Do Yourself Some Good (Ronin Throwdown).
  • March 26th - Rōnin I mixtape

Unkle News

April 2021

  • 13/4 - An interview from 2014 with James Lavelle has recently been uploaded by Byronesque. Take a look here as he recalls seeing Soul II Soul and the early sound system days. There's also two video directed by Justin Westover featuring music from Never Never Land. The videos were first uploaded to Vimeo 7 years ago.
  • 10/4 - UNKLE have sent out an email announcing everyone who orders a copy of Rōnin I from the UNKLE official store before 30 April 2021 will be entered into a draw to win test pressings and merchandise. Winners will be notified one week after the closing date, and customers who previously made orders have been automatically entered into the draw. Read the email here.
  • 8/4 - James Lavelle has scored the soundtrack to a short film titled AD2021 for furniture designers Clarke and Reilly. Watch the film and read more details on Another Mag.
  • 8/4 - A remix of an UNKLE song appears on a new compilation by Stella Polaris Music. The compilation will be released for Record Store Day. Details here.
  • 8/4 - Also from Record Store Day, UNKLE have remixed Texas featuring Wu Tang Clan. Details here.
  • 2/4 - More information has been shared about the Kickstarter rewards: They are all pre-psyence fiction album demos, done after James came back from LA, when he was working with Tim Goldsworthy. The vinyl came from a DAT marked 'UNKLE 1 Rough Mix', the cassette is a facsimile of the session DAT from Milo studios. Lonely Soul also came out of that session at Milo, as Josh was there working on that. So the titles are literally just what they were recorded as on those DATs - Vinyl: UNKLE 1 Rough Mix - Cassette: ‘Untitled One’ and ‘Untitled Two’

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