UNKLE x Boredoms - Dysfunctional Monster Jam

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The Dysfunctional Monster Jam was a Japanese only mix from 2000 which saw UNKLE remix the band Boredoms into one large mix. It was released on CD and vinyl in 2000[1] and in November 2020 James Lavelle uploaded the mix to Mixcloud.[2]

UNKLE x Boredoms - Dysfunctional Monster Jam
2000 UNKLE X Boredoms 2020 Image.jpg
UNKLE promo image Nov 2020
Running time46:01

The Dysfunctional Monster Jam was released as part of the Boredoms' Rebore series of albums. This UNKLE remix was released on both CD and Vinyl as volume one in the series,[3] which was followed by volumes from Ken Ishi,[4] and DJ Krush.[5]

James Lavelle's Statement

James Lavelle uploaded the show on Mixcloud on November 6 2020, UK time, and posted the following statement on Instagram, accompanied by several new graphics:

"In 2000 I was asked by Mo' Wax collaborator and friend Yamantaka Eye to put together a DJ mix of his band the Boredoms, Osaka's kings of Japanoise and one of the best bands I had ever seen live.

At the time I was working with @richfilemusicproduction and @hereisdamian. It was an amazingly creative time and we decided to try and take the mix album idea further by remixing and editing the tracks rather than just using the raw ingredients. We locked down in east London's Strongroom studios and programmed, re-worked, edited and with the help of @thenextmenofficial on the cut, created an UNKLE reconstruction of the world of Boredoms.

It was only ever released in Japan and is one of my favourite and unusual UNKLE projects... Enjoy, James x"[6]

Rich File's Statement

Following James Lavelle's post to the UNKLE Instagram page, Rich File regrammed the post with the following message:

"For this mix, alongside rearrangements of The Boredoms music we recorded live sequences of beats and bass lines programmed and performed straight out of the MPC. It was such a fun set up. Live jammin’ on a mix album."[7]


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