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Billion Years T-shirts
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In May 2020 t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies were made available from the UNKLE store featuring the pointman logos and a text reading ""A Billion Years In The Makings And Its Coming To Your Galaxy This Summer." These were released over several weeks, with the t-shirts selling out within hours of release due to being limited to 50 copies of each colour. The sweatshirts and hoodies were the final part of the series released in mid May.


Two t-shirt designs were made available for pre-order by UNKLE in May 2020 for £35.00 each. The designs were all of UNKLE's Pointman logo on the back, with text on the front which says "A Billion Years In The Makings And Its Coming To Your Galaxy This Summer". The t-shirts were limited to 50 editions per design, and also shipped with two stickers and a signed and numbered tag.[1] Initially black and white t-shirts were announced May 5 2020[2] for a May 6 release.[3] Two more colours, grey and olive, were announced the following week[4] to be shipped 15th June 2020.[5]

The official description on the UNKLE Store for the Black design read:

"Release Date: 5th May 2020

Screenprinted limited edition heavyweight cotton t-shirt, featuring the 'A Billion Years...' original text taken from 1998 Psyence Fiction campaign on the front. The back features Psyence Fiction pointmen logo, both by Futura 2000.

Limited edition of 50. Each tee features a signed and numbered tag and a pack of two stickers."[6]

Sweatshirt and Hoodie

On May 15 UNKLE announced the final part of the Billion Years collection, a sweatshirt and hoodie variant featuring the same design as the t-shirts.[7] They would begin shipping June 15, and were limited to 50 of each design, shipping with two stickers and a signed tag.[8]

Both the sweatshirt and hoodie are "ethically produced from organic cotton, with a 90% reduced carbon footprint."[9]

Sweatshirts were priced at £65.00, and the hoodies were £75.00.


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