28 Nov 2000

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28 Nov 2000
Tour by Madonna
VenueBrixton Academy
Supporting actsRichard Ashcroft, Sharleen Spiteri, Liam Howlett, and Goldie

A one-off concert held by Madonna in support of her recent album 'Music'. The gig was her first in the UK in seven year[1]. Tickets weren't sold and instead fans had to win tickets by through competitions on the radio, magazines and newspapers, though many were re-sold for up to £1,000 on the street[2], with only 3000 tickets being made available[3].

Stars such as Mick Jagger, Mel C, Jarvis Cocker, Donna Air, Stella McCartney, Chris Evans, Kelly and Stereophonic were in attendance, with The Prodigy's Liam Howlett DJing to warm the crowd up[4].

Richard Ashcroft began his set at around 9:15pm[5] and played Bittersweet Symphony, Brave New World, The Drugs Don't Work, and were joined by Unkle for a rendition of Lonely Soul[6]. It has been misreported that DJ Shadow appeared at this gig with Unkle, but in August 2018 James Lavelle played a live recording of Lonely Soul from this concert and mentioned it was himself and Rich File[7] (the two members of Unkle in 2000 after DJ Shadow left at the end of 1998).

After Richard Ashcroft, Liam Howlett returned to DJ until Madonna performed a 30 minute set, after which Goldie DJed as people left the building[8].


"Richard kicked off with a powerful voice and guitar version of "Bittersweet Symphony", followed by "Brave New World" and "The Drugs Don't Work". The highlight of the set however was the closing "Lonely Soul" accompanied by James Lavelle and DJ Shadow. This was the first time Richard had played the track live and it was stunning."[9]


The concert was recorded and broadcast live online by Microsoft[10], with 9 million people watching the stream[11]. It is unclear whether only the Madonna set was broadcast, or if it was the entire concert.

While many reports say DJ Shadow was present for Lonely Souls, it was actually Richard File who appeared alongside James Lavelle.


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