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Mo Wax Arts was a company set up by Mo' Wax, initially as an unofficial subdivision in 1996, and later in 1999 it became part of Mo Wax labels Ltd.[1] The company was co-founded by Henry Lavelle, brother of James Lavelle. The company later became Surrender Arts, after Mo' Wax closed.[2]

According to the 1999 MWA Catalogue, outside of the items listed below, Mo Wax Arts also assisted in art exhibitions, including the Mo Wax exhibition at Popkomm 1997, another at the 1996 Mirrorball/ Edinburgh International Film Festival, Eric Haze's Iconograffiti, the Dysfunctional exhibition and book, Mike Mills' Dolce Visualis, and Glen E Friedman's Fuck You All exhibition.

In 2006 Mo Wax Arts officially closed and sold off their remaining stock in a sale.[3]

MWA001 - Mike Mills Visual Sampler

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MWA002p - Promotional Mo Wax Vinyl Stickers

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MWA003 - Contents Under Pressure Catalogue

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MWA004 - Urban Archeology Postcard set

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MWA005 - The Priest

The Priest
InventorMark Gonzales
AvailabilityApril 2000–
FeaturesLimited edition of 1000. 10" tall.

The Priest was a sculpture designed by Mark Gonzales. Each individual sculpture was customised by Gonzales and retailed for £75.[4] In 2001 Houston Gallery sold them for $150.[5]

In 2006 Gonzales held an exhibition with a new Communion Priest figure at dpmhi gallery in London. They were sold for £120.[6] He later reimagined the Priest as 'The Mark Gonzales x Super7 Priest' in 2011, which was released for $75 on November 30 2012.[7]

In 2022 the original Mo Wax Arts Priest was re-released by Gimme 5. The were released in eight different colours and sold for £75.[8]

Mwa006 - Money Mark Figures

Money Mark Figure

There are two Money Mark figures. The first was released in April 1998 and has no catalogue number, and the second, released in April 2000 has the catalogue number Mwa006. Both are limited to 1000 editions each.[9] In the August 1998 issue of Computer and Video Games, they list the price of the figure as "above £20", and that it is available to purchase from local independent record stores.[10]

In 2001 XOX Mag spoke to Money Mark about the toys:[11]

"It was an idea that Mo'Wax dreamed up. I'm not sure who dreamed it up but it was really only supposed to be a promotional item .... I really think that this person was desperate to make money and decided to manufacture more of them and sell them without my consent." Kurt offers, "I've actually seen the one Money Mark action figure beat the hell outta all the other Beastie Boys figures. And he just did it with eye-contact." Mark responds with, "it wasn't eye contact. It was because my action figure looks nothing like me. It's really pudgy and overweight." We're all laughing at this point. Do his kids have a Money Mark action figure? "No No No. My mom has one. She's proud of it. She has all my gold records and my platinum. My mom's cool."

MWA008 - Glen E Friedman - "Fuck It" poster (unlreleased)

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MWA009 - Futraset

A series of magnets and stickers based on writing and drawing of Futura. Released in 2001.

MWA Catalogue

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