19 Aug 1996

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Dusted North
Concert by James Lavelle, Andrea Parker, Peshay, DJ Shadow
LocationBlair St, Edinburgh, Scotland
VenueThe Honeycomb

A Dusted themed night featuring James Lavelle, Andrea Parker, Peshay and DJ Shadow[1] in Scotland. This was held outside of James Lavelle's regular Dusted 2 nights in England. The Dusted night was part of a program entitled "Sampled Visuals" created by Mo' Wax Arts and described in the MWA catalogue as follows:

3 pt. "Sampled Visuals" programme for the Mirrorball/ Edinburgh International Film Festival. 1996. inc. titled by Martin Wedderbum, Trash 2000 Money Mark short, "Standpipe Siamese" a short documentary about Phil Forst by Rappoport. (Mike Mills programme also at festival). Club: Honeycomb, Edinburgh. Andrea Parker, Charlie Williams, Steve Paton, James Lavelle. Show: Fopp, Edinburgh (Proofs and promo label artwork designed by Ben Drury and Will Bankhead).[2]

A flyer for the Dusted North event was listed on eBay in 2017 with the following description:

"Mo' Wax presented/curated a selection of short films and videos that were shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 1996. Following the films there was a Mo' Wax club night in town with Andrea Parker, Peshay and James Lavelle playing.

The flyers are double-sided - one side has details of the film programme, the other details of the club night. Postcard-sized."[3].

Later in October an art exhibition was held featuring Mo' Wax related art as a follow on from the Mirrorball exhibition in Edinburgh.[4]

Mo' Wax Arts again attended Mirrorball in 1998, showing several Mo' Wax films, and also featuring DJ sets from The Psychonauts, Tetsu Hirano, Will Bankhead, Jon Knight and Richie Rufftone.[5][6]


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