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Location1 Colville Place, London W2
VenueGilmour Gallery
Date(s)5-11 June 1995

The Iconograffiti London show featured work by Eric Haze and was organised by James Lavelle,[1] and presented by Mo' Wax and Gimme Five. The Iconograffiti show also toured Japan.[2]

Eric Haze's Mo' Wax poster was later reprinted as part of the MO’ WAX X MUSEUM NEU range in 2014.


Off the cuff, by Harriet Quick. The Guardian, Manchester (UK) 31 May 1995, page 30

ONE-TIME graffiti artist turned graphic artist, Eric Haze, responsible for album covers for Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and a host of compilation albums, also behind a superb line of logoed and graphic-based streetwear, is being lauded in a gallery show which displays how Haze has translated street movements and music into an iconography, a sign and symbol language for the street. The exhibition, entitled Iconograffiti, is at the Gilmour Gallery, 1 Colville Place, London W2 and opens on June 5.


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Photos of London event on Instagram

https://www.instagram.com/p/BzNFIGfhBM8/ Photos of London event on Instagram]

Iconograffiti poster for Japan

Haze poster used in Eric Haze advertising