Contents Under Pressure exhibition

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Contents Under Pressure - "exurban iconography on exhibition"
1997 Contents Under Pressure poster.jpg
LocationThe Tramshed, 32 Rivingston Street, London EC2
VenueThe Tramshed
Date(s)23 May-8 Jun 1997

The Contents Under Pressure exhibition was held at The Tramshed featuring work by by Futura 2000, Lee Quinones and Stash 2, held from May - June 1997.[1]

A 16 page program booklet was produced and given the MoWax Arts (MWA) catalogue number MWA003, with special thanks to James Lavelle, Fraser Cooke, and the Mo' Wax Staff.[2]

Oddly, the poster for the exhibition bills it as "Exurban iconography on exhibition", with no mention of "Contents Under Pressure." The poster also lists the exhibition dates as May 23-June 8 1997, whereas Design Week in 1997 listed it as showing from May 30 - June 6 1997,[3] and Blueprint lists them as 22 May-9 June 1997.[4]

In Blueprint May 1997 the exhibition was described as "Spanning nearly three decades of their work, the exhibition includes three NYC subway cars painted by the artists exclusively for the show." Three artworks are also featured in the article Remorseless Now by Lee, TVM by Stash 2, and an as yet untitled piece by Futura 2000.[5]


The Guardian; London (UK), 22 May 1997, p.56

Contents Under Pressure brings three of the world's biggest names in graffiti art to London for an exhibition of spray can art - on canvas, in 3-D, and on computer screen. Work by Lee Quinones, Stash 2 and Futura 2000 goes on show from tomorrow until June 8 at the Tramshed in Shoreditch (www.project And you thought graffiti was about sniffing solvents and bunking off school. All three see the Net as the natural successor to the egalitarian canvas of the subway train. `The gallery is elitist. Censored,' says Futura. `The Internet gives you the spontaneity, immediacy and freedom that's the same as writing your message on a wall. Except this time it's not just your neighbours who'll see it, this time your message has global ramifications.' More to the point, Police Officer Dibble won't turn up later to scrub it out.


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