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Dysfunctional was a book from 1999, focusing on skateboarding and based on the Dysfunctional exhibition co-presented by Mo' Wax in 1995. While Mo' Wax were involved in the project they hesitated to push for credit in the book as they were afraid of over-extending their brand at the time.[1]

Dysfunctional Book.jpg
AuthorGarry Davis, Craig Steycyk, Aaron Rose (editor), Ben Weaver (editor), Andrew Holmes (editor)
PublisherGingko Press
Publication date

"From old school to hard core, Dysfunctional is the first international overview of contemporary skateboard culture. Unlike conventional skate media it is not about tricks and competitions, but rather focuses on ideas and attitudes -- the experiences and details that make skating the vibrant and lasting youth subculture that it is. From cover to cover, Dysfunctional is highly visual, a brilliant collection of graphic clues that recreate the patina of skate style."[2]

"With colour plates featuring examples of skate related photography and design, this work bypasses the hype surrounding skateboarding using direct and challenging images that speak for themselves. Artwork, photography, boards, zines, publications, advertising and contributors biographies are featured."[3]


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