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An ongoing list of notable events in the life of Mo' Wax Records and their artists, including James Lavelle, UNKLE and associated acts.

For a list of Mo' Wax release dates see: Release Timeline

For an extensive list of gigs and radio appearences including James Lavelle and UNKLE see: Gigography and Radio Shows & Podcasts.

Date Event Reference
1 Jan 1973 Josh Davis aka DJ Shadow born Hayward California, USA
22 Feb 1974 James Lavelle born Oxford, England
1983 James Lavelle meets Tim Goldsworthy at school The Face - December 1995
1988 James Lavelle plays his first DJ gig with Matthew Puffet Islington Tribune
?? ?? 1988 James Lavelle goes to see Soul II Soul versus Shock Sound System, a gig he later described as “the most important gig I went to see…when I was 14.” - Note: a poster exists for the gig but was held April 30 1989. High Snobbery + Being Hunted +Poster on The Guardian
5 Nov 1992 London Underground documentary directed by Matt Lipsey is released. James Lavelle appears in the film which documents London's underground music scene. Video of James Lavelle from film + IMDB + Worldcat Record
22 Aug 1992 Music Week reviews Repercussions Promise, the first Mo' Wax release. Music Week (PDF)
31 Oct 1992 Ceri Evans of The Brand New Heavies tells Music Week that he is working on something for Mo' Wax. Nothing was released. Music Week 31 October 1992, page 16
?? ?? 1994 James Lavelle begins contributing content to I-D Magazine Motor Mo Wax page (German)
16 Apr 1994 James Lavelle tells Music Week what he's been DJing and other favourite tracks Music Week (PDF)
26 Nov 1994 Music Week announces James Lavelle will start a new label called Smoke Filled Thought for London Records Music Week (PDF)
Jan 1995 UNKLE have their first chart hit with The Time Has Come EP Hit Music (UK) review
14 Jan 1995 Music Week report James Lavelle has signed a deal for Mo' Wax to be part of Virgin Records. Mo' Wax will be split into three sub-labels under the name Mo Wax Associated Records: Smoke Filled Thought, Excursions (which will handle one-off 12"s), and Mo' Wax (which will handle albums). Although this didn't happen, Lavelle is quoted in the story as though it's a done deal. On the next page, other label owners give comment Music Week (PDF)
?? Feb 1995 James Lavelle's manager Steve Finan signs a deal with A&M which convinces Lavelle to sign Mo' Wax to A&M as he didn't want to stop working with Finan Music Week 18 February 1995 + Music Week 25 February 1995
28 Apr 1995 Carl Craig tells The Guardian newspaper he has just finished a remix for Mo' Wax The Guardian 28 Apr 1995, Page 15
?? Aug 1995 James Lavelle participates in the videogame The Virtual Nightclub playing himself. The game releases in 1997. Video of James Lavelle in game Lost Media Wiki listing + Timeline of game
?23 Oct 1995 Music Week have a feature page on Mo' Wax and mention FFFR have recently licensed a US distribution deal with Mo Wax. The first release will be Headz Music Week (PDF)
1996 Reprazent (featuring Roni Size, Krust, & DJ Die) sign to Talkin Loud after James Lavelle fails to finalise deal for Mo' Wax DJ Krust interview for Red Bull Music Academy - 2006
?? ?? 1996 James Lavelle and A&M, signs deal for MO'WAX to be supported and distributed in Germany by MotorMusic. Motor Mo Wax page (German)
21 Apr 1996 BBC Radio 1 airs The Mo' Wax Story BBC Genome
5 July 1996 Mo' Wax USA Manager Alison Pember complains that Mo' Wax is hard to market in the US because Americans don't like instrumental music. She predicts a tough battle trying to promote DJ Shadow's new album. Gavin 5 July 1996
23 May 1997 Mo' Wax co-owner Steve Finan commented on how indie labels have to sign deals with major labels. He explained that often you can only pay people if you have the backing of a major label. Gavin 23 May 1997, page 8
26 Oct 1997 BBC Radio 1 broadcasts Oxford Sound City, a show featuring interviews with Dave Newton and guests such as James Lavelle Available at the British Library
?? ?? 1998 While promoting Psyence Fiction James Lavelle reportedly has a pile of Bape t-shirts which he changes between for each interview/photographer Motor Mo Wax page (German)
24 Aug 1998 Psyence Fiction is released in Europe. In Germany it is released by ElektroMotor / Mo'Wax Motor Mo Wax page (German)
29 Aug 1998 Music Week says James Lavelle will appear in an upcoming episode of a Dazed TV special dressed as Darth Vader Music Week (PDF)
?? Sep 1998 MTV UK airs an UNKLE special featuring the Rabbit In Your Headlights video. It is repeated in December Muzik Nov 1998 page 20
11 Sep 1998 Channel 4 broadcast Jo Whiley, a show featuring interviews with Jo Whiley and guests. James Lavelle discusses his thoughts on NME and Robbie Williams Available at the British Library
- Nov 1998 Muzik Magazine's December issue (released in November) run a competition for five copies of the Rabbit In Your Headlights video Muzik Nov 1998 page 20
18 Nov 1998 The Evening Standard announce Noel Gallagher is remixing James Lavelle's "latest track" Evening Standard - Monday, November 18, 1996, p25
?? Dec 1998 MTV UK repeats the UNKLE special featuring the Rabbit In Your Headlights video. It first aired in September Muzik Nov 1998 page 20
27 Jan 1999 Channel 4 broadcast the NME Premier Review, a special featuring interview with James Lavelle, and a recording of UNKLE live Available at the British Library
15 May 1999 Music & Media magazine reveals that Mo'Wax has signed "a new distribution deal for Germany with Belgian indie Play It Again Sam (PIAS)." Music & Media 15 May 1999, page 5
15 May 1999 Channel 4 broadcast Mirrorball, a special on Jonathan Glazer which features interview with James Lavelle Available at the British Library
18 Sep 1999 Melody Maker reveal James Lavelle tried to sign UK band Medal before they signed to Polydor (likely 1997 or early 1998). The French connection, by Mark Beaumont, Melody Maker, 18 September 1999, Volume 76, Issue 37
11 Oct 1999 David Axelrod announces in an interview that he is negotiating with James Lavelle to release a new album on Mo' Wax. An album would be released in 2001. Gavin 11 October 1999, page 27
?? ?? 1999 Leila Moss sent James Lavelle a demo tape around 1999 (8 years prior to them working together on UNKLE's War Stories album). "about 8 yrs before, I'd sent a C90 cassette demo of some gentle crap Id made with my first kinda band to James at MoWax with some hope he'd be into it. He actually replied, saying it sounded good, not for him atm, but not to give up!" Leila Moss' Twitter
?? ?? 2000 Mo' Wax website lists the following releases as coming in 2001: Magic Mike - The Journey (Era of Bass Pt 2), Various - Headz 3, Jordan Fields album. Also lists the following Mo' Wax Arts products: Futura doll (with rubber suit and accessories, glow in the dark eyes), 3D designed doll, and Glen Friedman poster Mo' Wax website
11 Nov 2000 Mo' Wax host an exhibition of work by Mark Gonzales, at Artomatic, 13-14 Great Sutton Street, London EC1 - 11th - 17th November Mo' Wax website
13 Oct 2000 James Lavelle introduces Nigo's One World mix on BBC Radio 1. Note: BBC Genome lists show as having aired at midnight on 6 Oct and 13 Oct - possibly was repeated. BBC Website lists date as 12 Oct BBC Genome + Radio One Website
16 July 2001 CMJ talk to SLAM about the recent UNKLE collaboration and they reveal they've known James Lavelle since 1992 and had been asked to put something out on Mo' Wax, but it never happened. CMJ July 16 2001, page 22
1 August 2002 Creative Review announce James Lavelle has created a soundtrack for a "two minute film loop" by Conkerco for the relaunch of Cartier Fragrances CARTIER: PACKAGING WITH BOTTLE - 8/1/02 Creative Review
13 April 2009 James Lavelle starts an UNKLE blog where he says he's also starting a new column in URB magazine UNKLE Update
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