Unkle US Tour 1998

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Unkle US Tour 1998
Tour by DJ Shadow
Associated albumPsyence Fiction
Start dateSeptember 28, 1998 (1998-09-28)
End dateOctober 2, 1998 (1998-10-02)
No. of shows5

"DJ Shadow and James Lavelle will be doing a five-stop instore tour of the U.S. in support of the U.S. release of Psyence Fiction. Each stop tentatively will be made up of a debuting of the "Rabbit In Your Headlights" video, DJ Shadow performing a special UNKLE set that will never be repeated after this tour, a Q&A session with James Lavelle, followed by an autograph session."[1][2]


  • 28 Sep 1998 - Los Angeles - Virgin Sunset
  • 29 Sep 1998 - San Fransisco - Virgin Market St.
  • 30 Sep 1998 - San Fransisco - Tower Clark St.
  • 1 Oct 1998 - New York - Virgin Union Square
  • 2 Oct 1998- Austin - Waterloo


During the sets DJ Shadow would throw copies of the tour vinyl he used out in to the crowd. Reportedly only 25 of each vinyl were made.[3]

Both the October 1st and 2nd sets were recorded and later released by DJ Shadow as part of his Handmade series.[4] The October 1st set was originally released online via the MTV website with full audio, as well as some video, interviews and photos.[5]


Review from Unkle 77[6]

I got to the Virgin Megastore around 5:00 and the thing was supposed to start at 6, so i figured there would already be a lot of people there, but there were only about 25 or so. I saw Shadow walkin around by the turntable set-up. I knew this thing was gonna be dope.

While I'm waiting, i sit by the set-up in the coffee shop section of the store, but i was forced to buy something to sit there, which i thought was rather odd. Anyways, I picked up a copy of the CD and the newest URB magazine, which UNKLE had an article in, and tried to kill some time. As I'm setting up my cheesy recording equipment, we are told that Shadow is gonna face the other way, more towards the store itself.. so I quickly got up and moved to get a good spot, which i managed to do. By now, there was a pretty good crowd in there.

First, Shadow introduced the video for Psyence Fiction's first single, "Rabbit in your headlights." It was pretty cool, being that it was just some guy walking through a tunnel and he kept getting hit by cars. After that, Shadow proceeded to do a 30 min. set of UNKLE-only material, which was phenomenal. The way that guy performs on the 1 and 2's is incredible. It was really cool to be able to witness this genius in person from only 20 feet away. As he segued into "Midnight in a perfect world," he breathed a sigh of relief, and the crowd went crazy.

During his set, i checked my recorder, and it had totally jammed, just like it did at the Urge/J's show in May. Lucky for me, some guy from MTV online was video/dat taping it, and so was the guy next to me..so hopefully i'll get hooked up. After this, James Lavelle joined Shadow on the makeshift stage, and proceeded with a Q&A; session. I said nothing. Then we were told to make a line for autographs and I assumed it wouldn't be that long, but I found myself halfway around the store in a matter of 1 minute.

After waiting about 35-40 minutes, I finally get to the guys. I congratulate Lavelle on finally getting the record out, since I know they've been working on it for like 3 years. Then I asked Shadow where he got the intro sample of the guy speaking on "Building Steam with a Grain of salt," and he proceeds to tell me that it was some Chevron promo thing about drumming. Thought that was pretty interesting. They both signed the inside of my UNKLE cd, and somehow I managed to take a marker from Lavelle, without realizing that until I had already stepped away from the table. The guy at the door handed me an UNKLE poster, and I was outta there.

3 words can sum up the evening there: PHAT AS HELL!

Review from Michael Roeder[7]

As part of the UNKLE Psyence Fiction promotional campaign, DJ Shadow and James Lavelle hit record stores in major US markets. Shadow did a turntable set, they showed the "Rabbit in the Headlights" video and did an autograph session.


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