Stella Artois After Dark 2004

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Stella Artois After Dark 2004
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Start dateMay 2004
End dateJune 2004

The Stella Artois After Dark Tour 2004 was a touring film festival which travelled across the UK. For the event UNKLE (James Lavelle and Rich File as UNKLE Sounds) created a mix called Edit Music For A Film (After Dark Prologue) which was sent out as an invite for the event.[1] This CD was limited to 500 copies,[2] and has since been bootlegged.[3]

While After Dark toured Liverpool, Glasgow, Nottingham and London, it is not known whether UNKLE were at each night. UNKLE were set to appear at the CCA show in Glasgow, Scotland,[4] and it is reported they were at the ICA show where CDs were given out to the crowd.[5]

Dazed & Confused Magazine featured several pages on Stella Artois After Dark 2004 at the back of their June 2004 issue, with full dates and interviews with some of the participants.[6]


  • Liverpool, England at FACT May 27
  • Glasgow, Scotland at CCA June 4
  • Nottingham, England at Broadway June 10
  • London, England at ICA June 16/17


Friday Review: little things we like: Stella Artois After Dark 2004 Tour, by Andrew Pulver.[7]

Having taken care of the popcorn end of the film world with their outdoor screen tour, Stella are attempting to lock down a much more fickle market: the cooler-than-thou late-night circuit, in a hopeful attempt to confer some much-sought-after hipness on their product. To this end, they've organised a series of events - under the tagline "Future Cinema" - at a string of arts centres across the country (beginning at Liverpool's Fact on May 27, and ending at London's ICA on June 16 and 17) that combine an upcoming film of irreproachable arthouse credentials, a programme of short films, a live electronic film score, graffiti art, and a music set from James Lavelle (aka UNKLE).

The line-up isn't the same every night - the features, for example, include Danish award-winner Reconstruction and the Las Vegas-set William H Macy starrer The Cooler (above). Putatively "hip" directors have curated the short film selections - Shane "Once Upon a Time in the Midlands" Meadows, David "Young Adam" Mackenzie and Justin "Human Traffic" Kerrigan are doing the honours. For details of each night's combination, as well as tickets, go to the website

The Guide: Film: Stella After Dark Tour ON TOUR, by Phelim O'neill.[8]

Stella's After Dark events always seem more like a gig or club night rather than a regular evening out at the movies. So it's only natural that the whole shebang should go on tour. Three previews alternate the headline slot: Reconstruction, a tangled romantic web that flits between several layers of fiction. The Cooler (pictured) has William H Macy employed at a casino to spread his bad luck about, and I'm Not Scared is a twisted Italian kidnap thriller with a Blue Velvet morality. There's also live graffiti, film scoring by DJ Yoda, a set from UNKLE and, of course, beer. Plenty of beer.

Liverpool FACT, Thu 27, Glasgow CCA, Jun 4, Nottingham Broadway, Jun 10, London ICA, Jun 16 to 17 Jun

CLUBS: PICK OF THE WEEK ; AFTER DARK @ ica, by Alister Morgan. [9]

A love of music has prompted many clubbers to follow in the footsteps of superstar DJs and attempt a career in mixing beats. After Dark (AD 04) takes the art of DJing and expands it into a comprehensive multimedia experience by adding elements of film, street culture and art to an eclectic menu of dance music.

The ICA will be transformed to accommodate the multimedia feast this week. Bankrolled by Stella Artois, the AD 04 tour has already touched down in Glasgow, Liverpool and Nottingham. Since the party seemed too big for one night, they've spread it over two.

Film is an integral part of the experience, with Pioneer's DVJ- X1 turntables on display. Most people know what to do with a pair of Technics 1210s and two slabs of vinyl, but Pioneer's gadgetry enables you to mix film in a similar way.

AD 04 is one of those truly innovative events that happens rarely, and if last year's event is any indication, your hard- earned money will be well spent. James Lavelle's Unkle headlines the musical bill, with Raindance, Osymyso, Eclectic Method and Philosophe, while feature film previews include The Cooler and Reconstruction.

The Mall, London SW1 (020-7930 3647; www.afterdark04. com) Wed & Thur, 8pm-1am, pounds 10/pounds 8


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