Mo Wax T-shirt 2021

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Mo Wax T-shirt 2021
2021 CreateBackWhiteBlack.jpg

In June 2021 UNKLE released two new t-shirts which were made available to their mailing list subscribers first. Both featured text by Giovanni Estevez who has frequently collaborated with James Lavelle, and designed the current Studio UNKLE logo.[1] Upon their announcement, the t-shirts were billed as a "limited edition Mo'Wax t-shirt drop"[2]


On Friday April 25 2021 UNKLE released two t-shirts featuring artwork inspired by Mo' Wax. The two designs - Build And Destroy and Create Your Own Universe - were both available in black or white, making four t-shirts in total. They were priced at £35 and were limited to 50 editions.

The UNKLE store contained the following description for the Build And Destroy design:

"Limited edition heavyweight cotton t-shirt, featuring 3D Mo'Wax logo on the front. The back features the Build And Destroy text (Gio Estevez). Both images are screenprinted using puff ink. Limited edition of 50. Each tee features a pack of two stickers.

Please note this is a pre-order. Products will manufacture shortly and are expected to be dispatched from week commencing 26th July 2021."[3]

The description was the same for the Create Your Own Universe, except for the description which read, "Limited edition heavyweight cotton t-shirt, featuring the classic Mo'Wax logo on the front. The back features the Create Your Own Universe text (Gio Estevez)."[4]


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