MO’ WAX X The Fourness T-shirts

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MO’ WAX X The Fourness T-shirts
DesignerJames lavelle & Kazuki Kuraish
On display atDaydreaming With...UNKLE at Soho

Originally released in 2017 at Daydreaming With...UNKLE at Soho, London, and were available in six different designs. The t-shirts were packaged in to a compressed pill shape and sold for £35 at the exhibition. Unfortunately some of the t-shirts were damaged due to how they were packaged with the suggestion that they were compressed before the ink had properly dried. Another complaint was that the fabric is quite thin, making the white close to transparent.[1]

The t-shirts are a collaboration with the Japanese clothing line The Fourness, and therfore are in Japanese sizing so a Medium size may be closer to a Small in Europe.[2] The collaboration was between designers James lavelle & Kazuki Kuraish, and the series were known as "Travel Companion."[3]

In 2021 some of the t-shirts were sold again as part of UNKLE's "Arkhive Sale". They were sold for £15 and described as 100% Cotton and made in Japan, along with a video was showing how to uncompress the t-shirts,[4]. Four t-shirts were available in white, grey, and black and titled: N19 Build & Destroy Logo, N21: UNKLE Angel Logo, N22: Sample Culture Collage, N23: Urban Archaeology Logo, and N24: Mo' Wax Logo. The following description was also provided:

"Many of you might want to keep the T-Shirt vacuum-packed, however, if you do plan to wear the T-Shirt you will need to add water.

Unwrap and place the "pill" in lukewarm water. Completely submerge it and leave it to soak. To avoid damaging the print on the T-Shirt it is important that you let it naturally unfold, please do not pull it apart. Once it has unfolded hang up the item to air dry.

To wash the T-Shirt in the future we recommend that you hand-wash or machine wash on a cool delicate cycle and leave to try naturally.

To see an example of how to re-hydrate the T-Shirt please see the video"


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