Urban Archaeology: 21 Years Of Mo' Wax

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Urban Archaeology: 21 Years Of Mo' Wax was an exhibition and book from 2014. There was also an Urban Archeology exhibition held in Gallery Schuppenhauer in Cologne, Germany in 1997 which featured different content. Note the different spellings of Archaeology for the 2014 event and Archeology for the 1997 event.

Urban Archaeology: 21 Years Of Mo' Wax
VenueSouthbank Centre, London
Date(s)13 June 2014 - 22 June 2014


The Urban Archaeology: 21 Years Of Mo' Wax exhibition was held at Southbank Centre, London, in 2014.

Fans who had contributed to a Kickstarter were invited to an exclusive opening of the exhibition ahead of its public opening.[1] The Kickstarter was announced in 2013 as a means to fund the exhibition.[2]

The exhibition featured an exclusive fragrance by Azi Glasser, later released as the Build & Destroy Fragrance, and a series of concerts as part of Meltdown 2014. The exhibition ran from 13 - 22 June 2014.[3]



Urban Archaeology: 21 Years Of Mo' Wax
Urban Archaeology Tee Front.jpg
Material100% Cotton

For the exhibition a print, poster, sticker and t-shirt were available. These were also sent out to Kickstarter backers.

In 2021 James Lavelle went through his archives and found old stock from across the years. He made this available as part of a "UNKLE Arkhive Sale" and the Urban Archaeology T-shirt was included. These were sold for £10.[4] Also on sale were MO’ WAX X The Fourness T-shirts which featured similar a Urban Archaeology T-shirt design.

In 2021 UNKLE held an "Arkhive Sale" which featured a Mo' Wax logo glitter print which was originally made available at the exhibition (citation needed - unconfirmed). The print was sold for £20 and had the following description: "Original Mo Wax logo - Black glitter on paper. Dimensions: 290mm x 420mm".[5]

A third Arkhive Sale was held in October 2021 which sold off left over items from the Kickstarter.



Released on the 3rd of November 2014 by Rizzoli, Mo'Wax : Urban Archaeology: 21 Years of Mo'Wax Recordings, is a hardcover book which collects much of the imagery from the Urban Archaeology exhibition in to 288 pages.[6] Copies of the book became available early at the Southbank Centre's online store, with fans picking up their copies in May 2014 ahead of the official release.[7]

Regarding the book James Lavelle had the following to say:

"We’ve been talking about a Mo’ Wax book for many years. The opportunity arose when Ben (Drury, Mo’ Wax art director) and I met up with one of the guys who own Rizzoli. We thought if we kept leaving it, it will lose it’s relevance, and the time we’re in now makes it feel relevant.

Aside from the book, the idea is that we’d like to do a series of exhibitions and music events across the world and collaborate with some of the people we did the toys and the art with. Celebrate the positives of what we achieved."[8]


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