9 Oct 1996

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Nokia Dazed Live
LocationThe Tramshed, 32 Rivington St. EC2., England
VenueLondon Tramshed

Nokia Dazed Live was a series of concerts hosted by Dazed & Confused Magazine from October 4-9 and featured James Lavelle, DJ Shadow, and Thom and Johnny from Radiohead on the 9th. Other artists were William Gibson, Hoover, and Autechre on the 4th, Kylie Minogue DJing on the 5th, Martin Parr, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Dan Lywood's, Gillian Wearing, Barbara Kruger, Angus Fairhurst, and DJ Jonathan More on the 6th, Pusherman, Sneaker Pimps, and R.O.C on the 7th, and Jean Jacques Perrey on the 8th.

The series was in celebration of Dazed & Confused's 25th Anniversary.[1]

The James Lavelle and DJ Shadow sets were available to stream online for several years, but have since become unavailable[2]. No known copies exist currently.


The Dazed & Confused website featured the following description of the events from 9th of October:

"DJ Shadow

Mixing seminal hip hop breaks with nu skool tripped out beats, Shadow wooed the crowd in attendance for the last night party with immaculately mixed funky tunes.

Thom and Johnny from Radiohead

They played an excellent six song acoustic set with Johnny on guitar and keyboards for different songs.

The set list included My Iron Lung and Fake Plastic Trees and three new songs previewed from their current studio work for their new album.

It was without doubt the highlight of the week. A real full stop to the all the events that took place. They are the best band in the world. The coolest of people and the most imaginative of mind.

James Lavelle

Complete with rose coloured hair, Lavelle dropped a selection of Mo Wax style beats and pieces culminating in the junglist Fugees 'Ready or Not' bootleg which sent the crowd skidding on the dancefloor on spilt beer before two fire engines arrived following a false fire alarm at the venue."[3]


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