6 Jun 1999

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6 Jun 1999
DJ Set tour by Liam Howlett
LocationDublin, Ireland
Supporting actsDarren Emerson, James Lavelle, Johnny Moy, Billy Scurry, Mark Dixon and Glen Brady.

James Lavelle supported Liam Howlett during Howlett's tour of his Dirtchamber Sessions album. The event was recorded by Ireland's radio station 2FM to be broadcast at a later date[1].


Review excerpt from Neko[2]

Towards 11pm another guy came to the DJ, wearing a beachhat and sunglasses, so you could hardly see who it was. A guy next to me thought it was Liam, but I knew it wasnt. It was James Lavelle. So I again asked someone when Liam would play then.....0.30 he would play... Ok, so another 1,5 hours.... I decided just to stay on that balcony, where I could basically look on the DJ's fingers and that 'backstage balcony' and also watch the dancefloor. James Lavelle started at 11pm. His set was really 'mixed', there wasnt only dance, but also stuff like Aerosmith or Queen.

Some of the other DJ's were coming and going on that balcony watching the people, for example Darren Emarson, just popping in and then leavin again. But no sign of Liam yet...... Then at 11.30 this door to the backstage area opened again and some guys came into the 'backstage balcony' next to the DJ table. Not only 'some guys', one of them was Liam!!! Finally!! His hair was shorter than it used to be (about like in the 'No Good' video) and he had some sort of blonde stripe in he middle through it. First looks strange but its kinda cool. It first looked like if he had shaved it off in the middle like Keith used to have it. There were 4 other people coming in with him, 3 I didnt know, but one of them was a guy a bit smaller than Liam, wearing a grey baseball cap, mirrored sunglasses, well, of course, it was Keith!! He wasn't bald at all anymore!! You could see that there was hair coming out under the cap, he was wearing. In fact, he has longer hair than Liam. So not many people actually saw that it was Keith. I knew it was him only from seeing him walking in and then as I saw his earpiercings it was no doubt at all anymore, that it WAS him. (Christ, do I sound like a hysterical teenager here?? nooooooo, not at all!! ;))

Unlike all the other people they didnt just stand there a few minutes and then go back again, no, they were just standing on this balcony for the next whole hour about 3 metres away from me. Liam was looking critically at James Lavelle, smoking one cigarette after the other, chewing his chewing gum in the rhythm of the music. 3 guys next to me were waving at Liam and he grinned over. Keith was talkin to everybody on that balcony, sometimes dancing. Would be great to see Liam DJing from the place I was now, I would be able to see everything he was doing!! But well, towards 0.30 the security guys came and told everybody had to leave this balcony I was on, only the dancefloor was open. OK, so I went there, still James Lavelle was playing, I was on the dancefloor, Liam and Keith watching the people from their balcony. James Lavelle played 2 songs that are on Dirtchamber, Liam grinning at him, and then James Lavelle finished his set with 'Smells like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana. (I said it wasnt 'dance music-only' at all!)


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