6 Feb 2016

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6 Feb 2016
Tour by Unkle
6Feb2016 2.png
LocationMoscow, Russia
VenueIzvestiya Hall

Set List

  1. Eye for an Eye
  2. Hold My Hand
  3. Mayday
  4. Restless
  5. Burn My Shadow
  6. Lonely Soul
  7. Morning Rage
  8. With You In My Head
  9. No Where to Run
  10. Be There
  11. Blue and Yellow
  12. Touch Me
  13. Reign
  14. Heaven


  1. In a State
  2. The Answer


Translated from Russian with Google Translate

"Less than 20 minutes after the official start, the roomy room of Izvestia was already full, just in time for the entrance to the stage of the Race to Space warm-up team, which consists of the well-known actor Peter Fedorov on the keys, singer-songwriter Miriam Sehon and a very intelligent technogenic atmospheric almost perfect English. The public warmly accepted the favorites of the Moscow critics and absolutely on business, but the highlight of the program was still the glorified Englishmen, who forced themselves to wait another half hour. On the exit of the group the inscription ALL ARTISTS ARE EITHER COWBOYS OR INDIANS was announced on a huge screen behind the stage and under the sounds of Eye for an eye on the stage in the smoke clubs the silhouettes of musicians became discernible. From the second song Hold my hand , on which Lavelle himself and the regular vocalist Liela Moss came to the microphone, the real heat started - the crowd got started instantly and then it let go. UNKLE is still considered to be the pioneers and legends of trip-hop, largely due to the signature debut of Psyence Fiction (and the DJ Shadow's master of scratches and samples who participated in it), released in the late nineties into a golden time for trip-hop, but in fact the musicians are far away have left from especially electronic sounding aside live live dense guitar sound, as this concert has shown. Mayday, Restless, Burn my shadow, Lonely souls, Morning rage - everything was played powerfully, with a rock-and-roll drive, against the backdrop of a bright video sequence and with the hot endorsement of the audience. Lavelle moved from the turntables to the microphone, simultaneously conducting the audience. Liela Moss periodically disappeared, and she was succeeded by bass player Stephen Young , diligently and quite successfully taking off star singers who participated in UNKLE studio recordings - Ian Estbury of Burn my shadow , Richard Ashcroft of Verve ( Lonely Souls ) and Ian Brown ( Be there and Reign ). After a number of hits, several absolutely new compositions were also played, also received by the audience with a cheer. On the encore, the musicians performed a piercing Heaven, dedicated to the memory of Gavin Clark (vocalist of the band, who died in 2015), In a state business card and Downhill Answer , which put a fat point (or rather an exclamation point) in an hour and a half. For complete happiness, perhaps, there was not enough Rabbit in your headlights , but on there, thank you very much, Uncle, we are waiting for you again! Text : Alex Nurabayev"[1]


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