25 Nov 2014

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25 Nov 2014
DJ Set tour by James Lavelle
25 Nov 2014 poster.jpg
LocationShoreditch, England
VenueNIKELAB 1948
Supporting actsNightwave, We Are Shining

Launch party for Nike X Mo'Wax collection, featuring the Nike Blazer Hi shoes, and a new series of clothes featuring "BUILD AND DESTROY" and assorted Mo'Wax related slogans.

The event was streamed live online, and featured James Lavelle DJing, as well as Nightwave, and We Are Shining featuring Charlie Dark.[1] [2]


"Hidden beneath the shadowy arches of Shoreditch’s Batemans Row, the neon-lit boutique was heaving right from the off. While the super-slick crowd were leisurely scooping out drinks from the hefty (and ubiquitous) ice buckets, Nightwave took to the DJ desk and began belting out an urging set of gutsy electronica. She was followed by Dazed favourites We Are Shining, who punctuated the merry chatter with an eclectic selection of crunchy beats, smooth-groove hip-hop and a generous dollop of Latino pop songs. By the time James Lavelle finally took to the deck himself, offering his standard selection of throbbing big beats and 90s remixes, the crowd was buzzing with energy and excitement."[3]


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