21 Oct 2002

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Location1-3-5 Flitcroft Stree, London W1
VenueElms Lesters Painting Rooms
Date(s)21-26 Oct 2002

Gimme 5 and James Lavelle present KAWS: #@!*$ an exhibition on recent works by KAWS (Brian Donnelly). The exhibition held its opening on October 21,[1] and was then open from October 22-26 daily from midday until 6pm.[2]

The exhibition was held at Elms Lesters in London with assistance from James Lavelle, Michael Kopelman and Fraser Cooke, and featured "examples KAWS’ legendary Phone Booth and Bus Stop ad disruptions (see image right), photographs documenting their installations around New York, his series of KIMPSONS bubblepacked ‘product paintings’, a series of photos made in collaboration with photographer David Sims and a series of three screenprints on paper.[3] This was KAWS first exhibition in the UK, and only his third solo show.[4]

A t-shirt was produced for the exhibition,[5] as well as stickers[6] and posters, including posters of KAWS' Chum Vs Astro Boy artwork.[7][8]


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Exhibition Poster

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