18 May 2016

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18 May 2016
DJ Set tour by Unkle Sounds
18May2016 3.jpg
LocationJuan Escutia, 4, 06140 Mexico City, Mexico
VenueEl Plaza Condesa

Celebrating Warp Magazine's 10th Anniversary, James Lavelle played an Unkle Sounds set at El Plaza Condesa, afterwards playing a seperate 'James Lavelle' DJ set at Mono with support from Alejandro Franco (Slktr) and GIORGIO BRINDESI[1]

Setlist at El Plaza Condesa

  1. Back And Forth
  2. Eye For an Eye
  3. This Is How a Garden Grows
  4. On The Windrush
  5. Trouble In Paradise
  6. Time (Pachanga Boys cover)
  7. Unfinished Sympathy (Massive Attack cover)
  8. …Like Clockwork (Queens of the Stone Age cover)
  9. Restless/The Runaway remix
  10. In a State
  11. The Answer
  12. Reign
  13. Touch Me
  14. No One Knows (Queens of the Stone Age cover)
  15. Hey Now (London Grammar cover)
  16. On the Windrush
  17. Organ Donor (DJ Shadow cover)
  18. Two Lost Souls
  19. Follow Me Down
  1. Touch Me


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