16 May 1995

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16 May 1995
DJ Set tour by Massive Attack Sound System
Location242 Shepherd's Bush Road, London W6 7NL, England
VenueHammersmith Palais
Supporting actsTalvin Singh, Mo' Wax DJs

Massive Attack Sound System toured the UK, with Mo' Wax DJs supporting their show in London at Hammersmith Palais. It is unknown who played as part of Mo' Wax DJs.

Through 1995 Massive Attack Sound System toured the world, including USA, New Zealand and France, and was co-financed by Levi Jeans[1]. The show in Auckland New Zealand was described as "a five hour show centred around some excellent djs (Nick Warren etc), but MA only played about 45 minutes including encores, and one song was played twice! Horace Andy was excellent though. The whole show is more of party, like the name implies, than a live show."[2].


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