15 Feb 1996

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Concert by James Lavelle, Charlie Williams, Mouly
Location190 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1UE, England
VenueZodiac Club

The event was held at The Zodiac to raise money for a local skate facility. The Zodiac was previously known as The Venue, and was were James Lavelle hosted his Mo'Wax Please nights when he first started DJing.[1]

The Zodiac Club was closed and renamed in 2007 as the Carling Academy Oxford[2], and later in 2009 became the O2 Academy Oxford.[3]

The event was promoted online with the following description:

Thats the flyer done with, so whats this all about eh? Well basically all of us in the oxford wheels project have organised a club night to raise some money to enable us to draw up proper plans etc. to eventually get a permanent skate facility in the area. We've persuaded James Lavelle to return to the club where he started Mo Wax (it used to be called the Venue and James had a night called Mo Wax Please). If you havent heard of Mo Wax, go and watch all your 411 videos and look out for all the tunes on his label. Alex Moul, former Death Box pro, will also be mixing his favourite drum n bass tunes, as well as other Mo Wax DJ Charlie Williams who I know nothing about. This night will have a real skate feel about it, with skate videos playing on two large TV's, skate photos projected onto the walls, old bits of board and BMX on the walls, posters everywhere, a lo-rider and graf art around the decks on the stage, and a mini outside the club. Unfortunately no boards are allowed into the club, but there will probably be somewhere to store them, like in SS20. If you want any more info then mail me. Were hoping to make this a regular event, and already Dog Eat Dog have agreed to do it, and we're tring to get hold of Reef. I'll keep y'all posted on what happens.[4]