15 Dec 1993

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Straight No Chaser "Skoolin' Da Jazz" Tour
Start dateDecember 1993

The Straight No Chaser "Skoolin' Da Jazz"[1] was a tour of approximately 15 cities across Japan[2], including Kyoto.[3] James Lavelle appeared on the tour and met DJ Krush, as well as Takagi-kan and Hiroshi of Major Force.[4] Also on the tour were Paul Bradshaw and Swifty from Straight No Chaser Magazine.[5]

The only known date for the tour is December 15 at Yellow club in Tokyo which featured Paul Bradshaw, James Lavelle and UFO as DJs with a special live band made up of members from US3, Brand New Heavies and Raw Stylus.[6]

The tour was preceded by another Straight No Chaser tour of Japan, Makin' It Phunky, which featured DJ Krush as an opening act on at least one night. The tour is detailed in Straight No Chaser #20 SPRING 1993 , and ends with the following paragraph: "Steve and co returned to London for Xmas leaving me and my record box to join forces with the Holygoof for a tour of clubs and parties in South Japan. But that's another story."


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