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Welcome to the Unkle Wiki

This is an unofficial wiki relating to Unkle, James Lavelle and Mo'Wax

The primary emphasis of this site is to create a gigography collecting reviews, photos, posters etc. for every Unkle gig. But it can be more. It would be amazing to expand to all Mo'Wax artists, but that is up to you.

Current Pages

  • Gigography - focusing on James Lavelle and Unkle gigs
  • Charts - Mo' Wax releases in the Music Charts
  • Merchandise - A list of James Lavelle and Unkle merchandise
  • Bibliography - A listing of articles and interviews relating to Unkle

Future Pages

  • and more... - The Wiki is what you make of it.

Unkle Updates

Recent / Upcoming Events

  • Feb 29 - James Lavelle DJing at Ravenswood for Eat or Heat, London. Details here.
  • May 23 - James Lavelle will take part in a live listening of UNKLE's War Stories album with Tim Burgess on Twitter. Previously announced here on Twitter. The date has been confirmed on his website.
  • Aug 2020 (CANCELLED) - We Out Here festival, That's How It Is special with James Lavelle, Gilles Peterson & guests. Details here. Read about the cancellation here.

Recent / Upcoming Releases

  • June 3rd 2020 - War Stories Instruments (re-released)
  • Summer 2020 - Psyence Fiction Director's Cut (TBC)

Unkle News

July 2020

  • 5/7 - are playing James Lavelle's That's How It Is Def Mix on Sunday. Details here. The next three parts of the mix are still being teased, but no dates have been confirmed for release.
  • 5/7 - The latest episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones was advertised as airing on June 29 but has not appeared online. It is possible it didn't air.

June 2020

  • 26/6 - Former UNKLE collaborator Rich File took part in an interview about his career. Watch the replay on Facebook.
  • 24/6 - James Lavelle has created a playlist Isolation Radio. See the details here or open it directly on Spotify here. Lavelle commented on the Isolation Radio website, "A two part soundtrack reflecting my journey through music over the past few months of lock down in these unique and challenging times…."
  • 18/6 - James Lavelle has created a playlist of songs featuring Mark Lanegan, some of which are collaborations with UNKLE. See the details here where you can save the playlist to Spotify or Apple Music.
  • 9/6 - The War Stories Instrumentals have been released, and sold out already. The release cost £35 and ships the week commencing 27th July 2020. Six new clothing items were also added to the Merch section of UNKLE's store. We will add images to our War Stories Merchandise page shortly.
  • 9/6 - An update was posted on Facebook regarding the Psyence Fiction Director's Cut: "Many thanks for your patience with this. The Psyence Fiction reissue is being scheduled for the end of the summer, and Kickstarter backers will be kept updated in these final stages of production. We will be getting in touch with all the backers shortly. Thank you for your continued support, Best, mgmt" This was posted as a comment replying to people in the War Stories Instrumentals post.

Click here for archived news.

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