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Making Psyence Fiction is a book released in March 2020 which details the creation of UNKLE's Psyence Fiction album. The book was written by James Gaunt and contains interviews with UNKLE contributors Mario C and Rich File. The book was made available as a free download as well as for sale via Amazon in March 2020, and later as a Kindle eBook in July 2020.

Making Psyence Fiction
Making Psyence Fiction Cover.jpg
Making Psyence Fiction
Author James Gaunt
Cover artist James Gaunt
Country Australia
Language English
Publisher Foxteeth Press
Publication date

The printed edition (ISBN 978-1702889346) is 320 while the PDF is 202 pages due to the PDF being formatted as an A4 size document, and the printed edition being slightly smaller.

Free Version

When the book was released in March 2020 it was initially made available as a PDF which could be downloaded for free, as well as a print-on-demand book from Amazon. The free PDF download was available via a Google Drive link, but in August 2020 the author removed the free download citing issues with Google Drive and how it didn't provide download statistics, making it hard to discern how many readers or downloads there had been. Instead the book was made available as a Kindle download, but the author has promised to send the PDF to anyone who is interested. Likewise, the book is available from some libraries.


  • Introduction
  • James Lavelle
  • Bluebird And Honest Jon’s
  • Talkin’ Loud
  • Mo’ Wax
  • Major Force
  • DJ Shadow
  • Trip Hop
  • The Time Has Come
  • Mo’ Wax Expanded
  • Endtroducing.....
  • Belmondo In La
  • Endtroducing.....complete
  • Lonely Souls
  • Ape Sounds
  • Recording Psyence Fiction
  • Track By Track - Psyence Fiction
  • Finalising Psyence
  • Release
  • Touring With The NME / Be There
  • Downfall Of Mo’ Wax / Never Never Land
  • Where Are They Now
  • Select UNKLE Discography
  • References
  • Appendix: Timeline 1973-2003
  • Index
  • Acknowledgments

More by the author

While Making Psyence Fiction is James Gaunt's first published book of non-fiction, he also contributes articles to Medium including several relating to Mo' Wax:

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