Worldwide Apeheads Show 1997

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Worldwide Ape Heads Show

The Worldwide Ape Heads Show 1997 was a series of events in 1997. The first was held on July 21 1997 at a club named Harlem[1], and featured DJ sets by Nigo, Mura-Jun, Yoppy, Micheal K. and more. A T-shirt was created for this event, that features the date as July 20 1997.[2]

A second set of shows were held in December 1997, at Akasaka Blitz and Harlem.

A second t-shirt was also produced for the December shows[3][4][5], and a special box was created which features a t-shirt, ticket for the event, flyer, mini set of stickers and the 'Nigo Assault' mini CD. Only 10 of these boxes were made.[6]

In the February 2nd 1998 issue of Smart Magazine[7] photos from the shows are featured, with both the Akasaka Blitz and Harlem dated as December 14 1997.

While James Lavelle is not listed on the posters for the 1997 shows, he has exhibited the posters at his Urban Archeology exhibition.[8] Originally Lavelle was misidentified as appearing in a photo from Worldwide Apeheads Show 1997 in Smart Magazine, but it has become clear this is Micheal Kopelman of Gimme 5.[9]


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