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The exact date of this t-shirt's release is unknown, but it features the same Anvil tags on it as 1997's Ape Vs Mo'Wax Clothing releases, and was likely produced for the Urban Archeology exhibition held August 1997 in Germany. The exhibition contained artwork by Ben Drury, Will and Barney Bankhead, Giovanni Estevez, Futura, and 3D. The event also featured a concert featuring Mo' Wax artistsAndrea Parker, Attica Blues, James Lavelle, Peshay, Psychonauts, and DJ Shadow.

In 2021 James Lavelle went through his archives and found old stock from across the years. He made this available as part of a "UNKLE Arkhive Sale" and several different colours of the Urban Archeology T-shirt were also included. These were sold for £25 and included a purple, white, and blue t-shirt. Note: the image provided for the blue option looks just like the black and it's unclear if the wrong image was used or if it just looks different in the photos.[1]

Urban Archeology T-shirt
Urban Archeology Tee Front.jpg
Material100% Cotton


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