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UNICEF Speak Your Mind
DesignerJames Lavelle, Lila-Blue Lavelle, and Ben Drury

Part of a project called Speak Your Mind, created by UNICEF, MTV Networks Asia, and Levi's to give a voice to children. The project launched in December 2001 with programs on MTV Asia channels featuring young people discussing their views on various issues related to them. [1]

James Lavelle designed a t-shirt for the campaign with the slogan "Children need smiles not missiles." on it. The t-shirt was relased mid-March 2002, and was a collaboration between Lavelle, his daughter Lila-Blue Lavelle, and Ben Drury.[2]

There appear to be two versions of this t-shirt. The white version as seen on the MTV websites[3], and a dark version as seen on the Unkle77 fansite.[4] It is the dark version which appears to feature art by James Lavelle's daughter Lila-Blue Lavelle on the front.

The limited edition T-shirt was released by Levi's in March 2002 with 10% of sales from the campaign to be donated to UNICEF, to be used for appropriate youth programs.[5] Other artists who participated in the program included Mike Mills, Heavyweight, Deanne Cheuk, and G. Wills.[6] Other celebrrities such as Ronan Keating and Sophie Ellis Baxter took part in the program by visiting areas of Asia affected by AIDS/HIV as a means to raise awareness.[7]


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