Music Week 5 September 1998

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Music Week

The September 5 1998 issue of Music Week features three articles relating to Mo' Wax. Articles discuss UNKLE's Psyence Fiction album launching and entering the charts, as well as The Underdog describing a remix he has created for UNKLE.


LP Launched

U.N.K.L.E.'s James Lavelle and DJ Shadow launched sales of their 'Psyence Fiction' LP with a special live appearance at the Oxford Street branch of HMV last Sunday. Tickets for the event were allocated within hours of becoming available and a crowd of 700 heard Lavelle and Shadow DJ, while legendary graffiti artist Futura 2000 (who designed the LP's sleeve) spray-painted a special canvas. At midnight the record went on sale with more than 400 copies sold at the store and the U.N.K.L.E. duo stayed until 3am signing copies of the LP and talking to the crowd. "It was absolutely fantastic," says HMV spokesman Simon Winter. "U.N.K.L.E. are only scheduled to make three appearances this year and we're really pleased that they wanted to launch the album with us." The album was HMV's biggest seller of the week and was at number one in the mid-week chart. A release date of October 12 has been set for the release of the first single from the LP, 'Rabbit In The Headlights', which features Radiohead's Thom Yorke. The single will be a limited-edition release on CD and vinyl with mixes from Massive Attack, David Axlerod and The Underdog.


The Psyence Fiction album by Unkle - the Anglo-American alliance between MoWax founder James Lavelle and Californian hip-hopper DJ Shadow - also opens impressively with nearly 35,000 sales, enough to win it fourth place on the chart. Featuring guests including Richard Ashcroft (The Verve), Thom Yorke (Radiohead) and Mark Hollis (fomerly Talk Talk), it was three years in the making, and comprehensively overshadows the previous Unkle effort, The Time Has Come, which reached number 73 in 1995.

7 days in dance - trevor 'underdog' jackson owner, output recordings

Tuesday: cut a single for Sonovac, a new act on Output. They're a brother-sister duo. The music's hard to describe but it's got a lot of humour. The Fun Lovin' Criminals made Fridge's new single on Output Melody Maker's worst single of the week. The NME had made another single on Output, Fourtech's 'Thirtysixtwentyfive' their single of the week. Not bad considering it is 36 minutes long.

Wednesday: worked on a remix of U.n.k.l.e.'s 'Rabbit In The Headlights'. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. It was in 9/8 time and James Lavelle is a good friend so I wanted it to be good.

Thursday: took a rest from working to record shop. Said 'hello' to Nick at Bongo, Pete & Kirby at Atlas and Darryl at Rough Trade. DJed at Beggars Banquet's 21st party with Leo from XL. Bumped into Island's Ross Allen and Paul Connolly and Ruth Rothwell from my publishers MCA Publishing.

Friday: did the artwork for a new Fridge compilation 'Sevens and Twelves'. Finalised tracks for a compilation of all my Underdog remixes. It's going to have tracks from Massive Attack, Cornershop, Peshay, Lisa Germano and New Kingdom, among others.

Saturday: worked on music for Top Cat and Glamma Kid who my publishers have hooked me up with and carried on with the U.n.k.l.e. mix.

Sunday: went to HMV for the U.n.k.l.e. LP launch (see below). It's good to see a friend do so well. Chatted with DJShadow who seemed really tired.

Monday: meeting with MarC Picken my manager to discuss my own album which I'm going to start demoing. Confirmed I'm going to LA to DJ at a Melancholic/Massive Attack party. Finished and delivered the U.n.k.l.e. remix.

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