Music Week 5 December 1998

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Music Week

In the 5 December 19985 issue of Music Week it was announced that Ian Brown would be recording vocals for UNKLE, in what would become the single Be There. Dates for the NME National Tour are also listed.


Ian Brown will be the featured lead singer on the next single by James Lavelle and DJ Shadow's UNKLE project. The ex-Stone Roses singer will vocal a new version of the instrumental 'Unreal' from the 'Psyence Fiction' album. The track will be renamed and released in February with a package that will include an already completed remix by Noel Gallagher from Oasis. The Underdog will also be remixing the track following his acclaimed mix of the last UNKLE single, 'Rabbit In Your Headlights'. UNKLE will also be taking to the road in the new year as part of the NME Premier tour. Minus DJ Shadow, James Lavelle will be mixing and scratching cuts from the album live with The Scratch Perverts.

The dates of the tour are: QMU, Glasgow (January 10); Lomax 2, Liverpool (11), Manchester University (12), Metro University, Leeds (14); Sheffield University (15); Warwick University (16); Cardiff University (18); Bristol University (19); Brookes University, Oxford (20); De Montford University, Leicester (22); UEA, Norwich (23); and The Astoria, London (24).

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