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Man From Mo' Wax x 1 of 100
1of100 Mo Wax Tee Red Back.jpg

The Man From Mo' Wax documentary team partnered with 1 of 100 to release two series of limited t-shirts in 2019. The first was announced in March and the second in June, with the second also featuring tags signed by the designer of the original Mo' Wax logo, Swifty.

The t-shirts were available in a limited run of 100 each, and came with a tote bag.[1] Each t-shirt was idividually numbered, and featured a button on one side with the 1 of 100 logo on it.[2]

The first series were both white, with the Mo' Wax logo in either blue or red.[3] The second series were available in red or navy, both with a white logo.[4] The first tote bag was cream with red print,[5] while the second featured a blue print.[6]


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