Daydreaming with...James Lavelle

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Daydreaming with...James Lavelle
Art Exhibition tour by James Lavelle
LocationHaunch of Venison Gallery, London
Start dateAugust 27, 2010 (2010-08-27)
End dateAugust 30,  2010 (2010-08-30)
WebsiteDaydreaming with

Daydreaming with...James Lavelle was a show curated by James Lavelle in 2010 and featured work from 3D (Massive Attack), Azzi Glasser, Ben Drury, Dan Glasser, Futura 2000, Ian Monroe, Jamie Shovlin, John Hillcoat, John Nolan, Jonathan Glazer, Kai & Sunny, Nathan Coley, Oswaldo Macia, Polly Borland (with Nick Cave), Simon Birch Warren, and Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones[1] A private preview was held on Thursday 26th August which was reviewed by the media before the show was opened to the public between Friday 27th – Monday 30th August 2010.[2]

The event concluded with UNKLE On Screen, held on August 31st at the Prince Charles cinema where UNKLE's music videos and UNKLE scored commercials were shown alongside Alex Grazioli's feature film Odyssey in Rome, which was also scored by UNKLE. Following the screenings, James Lavelle took part in a conversation between himself and Alex Grazioli and John Hillcoat, who had recently directed a video for UNKLE's The Answer.[3]

James Lavelle told Interview Magazine, “There are pieces that have been created in response to our new music, some from the last record we put out...There are pieces that aren’t related to any specific sound but rather the environment we’re trying to make. I want to find new environments to put music into. Something that felt organic. Working with different people and presenting things in a different way.”[4]


An exhibition brochure and tote bag were made available. These were later sold for £5 in 2021 as part of UNKLE's "Arkhive" sale.[5]


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