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The May 2002 issue of Creative Review (Vol. 22 Issue 5, p. 11) features a short article on the anti-war film made by Shynola for UNKLE, in what would become the Eye For An Eye video.

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Animators Shynola have developed a short film for UNKLE. Incorporating track Eye For An Eye with music from the film Fantasia, the project is the initiative of UNKLE's James Lavelle.

"First and foremost it was intended as an anti-war statement," comments David Durrell of Durrell Management, which handles Lavelle's musical output. "The idea is to release this as a film, rather than a promo. It's not about selling millions of records - it's about making a statement."

The film incorporates paintings by Massive Attack's 3D and was made in collaboration with animator Ruth Lingford. It portrays a blissful utopia that is destroyed by the invasion of a seemingly beautiful, but actually quite evil mother character. Comments Shynola's Richard Kenworthy: "A couple of months into making the film, 11 September happened and the project became really relevant."


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