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Command Z
Other namesBapeplay Spraycan Figures

"An art exhibition held at the store Nowhere, Tokyo in November 2000, entitled Command Z, saw the release of three figures based on Futura’s work. The exhibition was of the work of Futura and Stash. BAPE T shirts produced for the event cost big money on the secondary market. The figures came in clear containers resembling spray cans. The three figures are called The Pointman, El Nigo and Le James, representing Futura, Nigo and James Lavelle respectively."[1]

The exhibition, Command Z, was held from November 18-19 2000 at the NOWHERE store in Aoyama, Japan.[2] A book entitled "Command Z Team Visual Maintenance" was produced in a binder style, with photos inside of work by Futura and Stash.[3] One of the works exhibited was UNTITLED (THIRTY-SIX WORKS), a series of 26 paintings on canvas by Futura which was acquired by Nigo and later sold at auction in 2014 for 100,000 HKD (roughly US$12,740.00).[4] In 2019 two of the figures (El Nigo and Le James) also sold for 62,500 HKD (roughly US$7,968),[5] while Pointman sold for 20,000 HKD (roughly US$2,550).[6]

An after party was held at Blue, and featured DJ sets by James Lavelle and Nigo[7].

Photo's from the exhibition appear in the February 2001 issue of Relax Magazine.

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