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The Breezeblock was a radio programme hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1 during the 1990s until 2010. James Lavelle presented several mixes and performances across the shows history, starting in 1998 with his first headline set.

History of Breezeblock

The Breezeblock, hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs, first aired on BBC Radio 1 Monday 17th February 1997 and was initially the final hour of Mary Anne Hobbs radio show, and not officially listed by the BBC until October 1997. The Breezeblock has become associated with the guest mixes which were featured in the programme, but originally the programme also featured live recordings and music.

The Breezeblock aired on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights, from Midnight until 1am, and in July 1998 The Breezeblock became a two hour programme on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights. Later in October 1998 the programme only aired on Monday and Tuesday nights from midnight until 2am, and then in September 1999 it was extended to a four hour programme. During this period it was broken up in to a 60 minute Headline Set & a 30 minute Showcase Set, with the two seperate mixes presented by different artists.

In 2001 The Breezeblock was altered again, when it was reduced to two hours, running from midnight until 2am, with only one mix broadcast, and in 2004 it moved to 1am until 3am on Tuesday mornings.

In 2006 it was re-titled as Mary Anne Hobbs: BBC Radio 1 Experimental Show, and its broadcast times continued to shift until the final show aired on Thursday 9th September 2010.[1]

8 Sep 1998 - James Lavelle


  1. Unkle - Guns Blazing (Mo'Wax)
  2. Unkle - Unkle Theme (Mo'Wax)
  3. Beastie Boys - Somethingís Got To Give (Grand Royal)
  4. Air - La Femme D'Argent (Source)
  5. Beastie Boys - I Donít Know (Grand Royal)
  6. Eugene McDaniels - Jagger The Dagger (-)
  7. David Axelrod - Holy Thursday (-)
  8. Curtis Knight - I Got To Have It (-)
  9. Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Warner Bros.)
  10. Unkle - Rabbit In Your Headlights (Mo'Wax)
  11. Massive Attack - Teardrop (Circa)
  12. DJ Mix by Hiroshi and KUDO feat. DJ Milo - Return Of The Original Artform (Cut Chemist Remix) (Mo'Wax)
  13. Unknown - Unknown (-)
  14. Unknown - Unknown (-)
  15. DJ Mix by Hiroshi and KUDO feat. DJ Milo - Return Of The Original Artform (Major Force)
  16. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (David Geffen Company/Sub Pop)

1 Feb 1999 - UNKLE VS Scratch Perverts


  1. UNKLE Feat. Scratch Perverts - Intro / Main Title Theme (Live Version)
  2. UNKLE Feat. Richard Ashcroft, Scratch Perverts - Lonely Soul (Live Version)
  3. UNKLE Feat. Scratch Perverts - Guns Blazing (Live Version)
  4. Scratch Perverts - The March Of The General
  5. UNKLE Feat. Scratch Perverts - Celestial Annihilation (Live Version)
  6. UNKLE Feat. Scratch Perverts - Bloodstain (Live Version)
  7. UNKLE Feat. Scratch Perverts - Nursery Rhyme (Live Version)
  8. Scratch Perverts - Scratch Interlude 1
  9. UNKLE Feat. Scratch Perverts - Be There (Live Version - Part 1)
  10. UNKLE - Unreal (Scratch Perverts Reconstruction Remix)
  11. UNKLE Feat. Scratch Perverts - Rabbit In Your Headlights (Live Version)
  12. Scratch Perverts - Scratch Interlude 2
  13. UNKLE Feat. Scratch Perverts - Be There (Live Version - Part 2) / Outro

20 Nov 2000 - James Lavelle


  1. Beastie Boys - No Sleep Til Brooklyn (Def Jam)
  2. Queens Of The Stoneage - Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (Polydor)
  3. Roni Size & Reprazent - Centre Of The Storm (Talkin' Loud)
  4. Moving Fusion - Shark Bite (White Label)
  5. Azzido De Bass - Dooms Night (Stanton Warriors Remix) (White Label)
  6. Jeff Mills - Revolt (Tresor)
  7. Aminated - Wired (Remix) (Deviant)
  8. Madonna - Impressive Instant (Warners)
  9. Mirwas - Naive Song (Olav Basoski Mix) (Epic)
  10. Arab Strap - Rocket Take Your Turn (Chemical Underground)
  11. King Of Woolworths - Stalkers Song (Demo)
  12. Gonzales & Peaches - Red Leather (Kitty-Yo)

11 Mar 2002 - Paul Daley & James Lavelle (Recorded Live at Fabric)

Also credited as "Paul Daley And James Lavelle World DJ Day At Fabric 2002" See Also: 11 Mar 2002



1 Oct 2002 - James Lavelle

Sometimes credited as 30th September


  1. Howie B – Folk (UNKLE Remix) (Polydor)
  2. Sotero – The Vibe (HiSol Recordings)
  3. Danny Sullivan & Kemist – Snake Charmer (Lee Combs Remix) (Hooj Tunes)
  4. Stripped MC – Muzik & Girlz (Coldtap Recordings)
  5. Cheech – Mardi Gras (Wildloops)
  6. Aiden Lavelle – Unknown (Coded)
  7. Ian Brown – The Fear (UNKLE Remix) (Global Undergound)

8 Jul 2003 - DJ Woody with UNKLE Live In Session


  1. UNKLE - In A State
  2. 7 Hurtz - Malibu (Output)
  3. UNKLE - Panic Attack
  4. UNKLE feat. Mani and Ian Brown - Reign (Mo Wax/ Universal)
  5. M83 - Run Into Flowers (Midnight F*ck mix by Jackson) (Goom)
  6. Medasyn - Freestyle Session Feat. Zuz Rock, Shystie and Lady Sovereign
  7. Kidz With Toyz - Coke Boy

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