Billboard 8 February 1997

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Billboard 8 Feb 1997.jpg
Feb 8 1997

DJ Shadow is photographed by Brian Cross aka B+ in the February 8 1997 issue of Billboard.


SLICING GROOVES Mo' Wax/London artist DJ Shadow, aka Josh Davis, sorts through his enormous record collection to select jams for sampling on his acclaimed debut, "Endtroducing ..." Showing the production influence of Afrika Bambaataa and Mantronik, the set consists of snippets of more than 1,000 songs, creating a sound journal that tells a series of stories."There's a plot in every song," he says. "The listener should be dropped off back at the apex a little wiser." DJ Shadow is currently doing turntable gigs around the States in support of the project, which largely hangs on an ambient funk/hip-hop stylistic tip.


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