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Relax logo.jpg
December 2000 Issue
Format Magazine
First issue May 1996
Final issue September 2006
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Relax was a Japanese style and culture magazine which ran from 1996-2006,[1] with the last issue being the September 2006 issue which was sold in August 2006.[2]

From approximately 2000-2002 James Lavelle contributed an irregular column named LTD.EDT. where he listed things he liked, from movies to bands.[3] BAPE's Nigo also had a regular feature named Nigo's General Seminar and was often featured in large articles regarding his work which have made issues of Relax highly sought after by BAPE fans.

Notable Issues

  • March 1999 contains photos from Worldwide Bapeheads Show 1998. [4]
  • February 1999 contains a feature on Nigo in London and a Money Mark flexi disc record.[5]
  • February 2000 contains a feature on Futura and Nigo flexi disc record.[6][7]
  • April 2000 contains pages with James Lavelle, and Ben Dury relating to Mo' Wax.[8]
  • December 2000 contains a Mo' Wax feature, Mo' Wax Mix CD and Bape X Unkle Relax T-shirt.
  • February 2001 contains photos from the Command Z exhibition in Nigo's General Seminar.[9]
  • October 2001 contains a CD of Nigo's BAPEMAN Theme.[10]


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