Decks and Effects Tour

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Decks and Effects Tour
DJ Set tour by UNKLE
Nov 3 2004 Front.jpg
Location USA
Associated album Never, Never Land

The Decks and Effects Tour took in 10 dates across North America, including two stops in Canada. The tour was in support of UNKLE's album Never, Never Land which was released November 8 2004 in the USA.[1]

The tour was James Lavelle and Rich File as UNKLE, or UNKLE Sounds as they are sometimes known during this period.


  • 23 Oct - USA - Philadelphia - Emerald City
  • 25 Oct - USA - New York - The Canal Room
  • 28 Oct - USA - Minneapolis - The Ascot Room
  • 29 Oct - USA - Chicago - SoundBar
  • 30 Oct - Canada - Toronto - The Guvernment
  • 31 Oct - USA - Ft Lauderdale - Revolution Night Club
  • 3 Nov - USA - Washington - Club Five
  • 4 Nov - USA - Seattle - Chop Suey
  • 5 Nov - USA - Los Angeles - Pearl
  • 6 Nov - USA - Portland - Doug Fir
  • 7 Nov - Canada - Calgary - The Whiskey


"Overall I thought it was a pretty good show. Richard File did most of the work, and James was a little inebriated according to others. Upon further thought, maybe this was true. Music was a little more "clubby", and less "UNKLEsounds-ish" but either way, good times were had. Hopefully next time they hit TO, in a smaller venue, and a little more "UNKLEsounds" sounding, ya know?"[2]


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