Billboard June 22 1996

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Categories Music
Frequency Weekly
Country USA
Language English

DJ Shadow's Hardcore is reviewed in the 22 June 1996 issue of Billboard.


THE GROOVE ROBBERS FEATURING DJ SHADOW Hardcore (5:21) - Review edited by Larry Flick


WRITER: J. Davis

PUBLISHERS: Reconstruction/Mo' Wax/MCA, ASCAP

Mo' Wax 005 (cassette single)

This is the future of hip-hop. It ain't butch jock-holding, bang-bang gangsta ranting, or even posturing unity chants; this is simple, virtually wordless fare that lets insinuating hooks and tight grooves do the talking. Scant bars into this wicked jam, you not only feel the vibe and want to move--you are inspired to conjure up your own vivid mental images. The music goes beyond lazy samples and loops, offering textured sounds and crafty progressions that stay with you long after the single's close. Equally powerful is the live and rumbling "Fully Charged" by Mo' Wax labelmate Cheif Xcel on the flipside. The future is upon us... open your minds and let it happen.


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