02 Feb 2019

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Living In My Headphones Def Mix
Concert by James Lavelle
Location UK
Venue BBC Radio 6
Associated album The Road Part II
Date(s) 02/02/2019
Website https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00028jj

James Lavelle visited BBC 6 and was interviewed by Nemone for her Nemone's Electric Ladyland program. During the interview Lavelle and Nemone played several songs, including new UNKLE songs from the album The Road Part II. Following the interview Lavelle performed a mix entitled Living In My Headphones Def Mix, utilising the name Lavelle has been using for his Soho Radio show Living In My Headphones.

The mix contained several unreleased songs and mixes, including Massive Attack - Karmacoma (Alternative UNKLE Situation Remix), UNKLE - Dissatisfied, and U2 - Wake Up Dead Man (James Lavelle Remix).


  1. James Lavelle - Living In My Headphones Def Mix Intro (1:12)
  2. UNKLE - The Time Has Come (Portishead plays UNKLE Remix) (1:36)
  3. Massive Attack - Karmacoma (Alternative UNKLE Situation Remix) [Unreleased] (1:34)
  4. U2 - Wake Up Dead Man (James Lavelle Remix) [Unreleased] (2:40)
  5. UNKLE - Dissatisfied [Unreleased] (2:03)
  6. UNKLE - Lonely Soul (2:52)
  7. UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights (Underdog Remix) (2:10)
  8. UNKLE - The Answer (Trentemøller Remix) (1:06)
  9. UNKLE - Reign (0:56)
  10. UNKLE - In A State (Sasha Remix) (0:38)
  11. UNKLE - Heaven (Charlie May Remix) (2:30)
  12. Queens of the Stone Age - Like Clockwork (UNKLE Remix) (5:01)
  13. DJ Shadow - Lost And Found (S.F.L.) (0:28)
  14. UNKLE - Looking For The Rain (UNKLE Reconstruction) (2:48)
  15. UNKLE - The Other Side (1:44)
  16. UNKLE - Unreal (0:36)


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