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2021 armour Embroidery logo tee white.jpg
DesignerKazuki Kuraishi

In August 2021 James Lavelle launched Studio:AR.Mour with Kazuki Kuraishi. The clothing line is available in Japan only, though their products can be bought online by overseas buyers. Two initial designs were each made available in black and white for ¥6,600 including Tax. These were followed by two more in late August which were sold for ¥8,800 and were titled studio:AR.MouR X UNKLE. These later two designs featured work by Giovanni Estevez.

Lavelle and previously partnered in 2018 for A.FOUR LABS X UNKLE, and in 2021 released a Black Ar.Mour Travel Hoody as part of UNKLE's "Arkive Sale", which was similar to the A.Four Labs X UNKLE hoodie.

Statement of Intent

The Studio:AR.Mour website features the following Statement of Intent.[1]

AR.Mour is to be a multidisciplinary lifestyle brand for creative outsiders from James Lavelle and Kuzuki Kuraishi. By building relationships across fashion, music and art, the aim is to build a creative community around the world. From London to Tokyo and beyond.

Versatility is more necessary than ever, in a world that has become increasingly fast paced. AR.Mour aims to be at the forefront of redefining travel, through products that move with the times, yet maintain timeless quality and design. Everything AR.Mour does needs to be forward thinking. Innovative packaging, unique silhouettes and an architectural approach to garments are central to the brand's identity. This is about life beyond the screen. AR.Mour for the creative outsiders across the world.

AR.Mour. アティテュード

目指すのはクリエイティブなアウトサイダーのための複合的なライフスタイルブランド。 それはファッション、音楽、アートとの相互関係の構築から生まれ、ロンドンから東京まで、一つの地域に留まらないクリエイティブなコミュニティを世界中に形成して行きます。 かつてないほどに汎用性が求められる今、世界を切り抜けて行くスピードは日々増しています。AR.Mour.は時代に合わせ流動しながらも、タイムレスな品質とデザインを維持するプロダクトを通じ、移動や変化を再定義する最前線のブランドを志します。 様々な企業との新規、既存の関係性から、AR.Mour.はより強いブランド・メッセージを伝え、優良企業としての地位を確立し、今では多くのプランドが失ってしまった精神性を発揮します。AR.Mour.のすべての活動は時代を先読みする先進的なものでなくてはなりません、これは革新的なパッケージ、印象的なシルエットや洋服への建築的アプローチにより生み出されます。 画面の向こう側の実体験。世界中のクリエイティブなアウトサイダーのために、AR.Mour.はあるのです。


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