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Rōnin Merchandise
2021 RoninArtworkTeeBlackBack@2x.jpg

In April 2021 UNKLE released several t-shirts featuring artwork from their new Rōnin mixtape album. These were followed by a second Drop in May which included t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and water bottles.

Drop 1

On Friday April 23 2021 UNKLE released four t-shirts featuring artwork from the recent Rōnin mixtape album. They were available with two designs - Rōnin Artwork and Rōnin Logo - both in black and white, making four t-shirts in total. They were priced at £35 and quickly sold out as each was limited to 50 editions.

The UNKLE store contained the following description:

"Please note this is a pre-order sale and products are currently being manufactured.

Screen-printed limited edition heavyweight cotton t-shirt, featuring the classic UNKLE Pointman Kiss logo on the front. The back features the Rōnin I front cover artwork, by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones.

Limited edition of 50. Each tee features a pack of two stickers."

Drop 1 Gallery

Drop 2

On Friday May 7 2021 UNKLE released four t-shirts featuring artwork from the recent Rōnin mixtape album. They were available with designs featuring the Rōnin Artwork, Rōnin Logo and Studio:UNKLE logo by Gio Estevez.

Collection with descriptions and prices:

  • Rōnin Artwork Tee - White
  • Rōnin Studio:UNKLE Tee - Black
  • Rōnin Studio:UNKLE Tee - White
  • Rōnin Script Tee - Black £35
  • Rōnin Script Tee - White £35
  • Rōnin Logo Hoody - £65
  • Rōnin Logo Hoody - Grey £65
  • Rōnin Logo Tote - Black/Orange - Screenprinted heavyweight cotton tote bag £12
  • Rōnin Logo Tote - Black/White £12
  • UNKLE Rōnin Ocean Bottle - Obsidian Black Insulated 500ml water bottle made of stainless steel and up-cycled ocean-bound plastic. Limited edition of 50. £40
  • UNKLE Rōnin Ocean Bottle - Sun Orange £40

All t-shirts and hoodies were Screen-printed on heavyweight cotton t-shirt, limited edition of 50, and featured a pack of two stickers. The Rōnin script logo was designed by Toshiya Horiuchi (7STARS) and featured on the front of the hoodies and tees.

The water bottles also featured the following description:

"Keeps cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot. Anti-leak dual opening lid for easy filling and cleaning. Ocean Bottle is 100% dishwasher safe. Featuring etched Rōnin logo and classic pointman logo. The sale of each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic, equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles and invests in people-powered waste management. Read more about the project here."

The UNKLE store noted that items were a pre-order, and "products will manufacture shortly and are expected to ship in approximately 4 weeks."

Drop 2 Gallery

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