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A listing of mailouts such as press releases, newsletters and promotional booklet/flyers relating to Unkle, James Lavelle, and Mo'Wax.

Year Title Type Description Notes Image
1993 Mistura ‎– Coast To Coast Press Release Press Release - Cat # MW 007
1993 MW007 Press Release.jpg
1993 DJ Shadow And The Groove Robbers ‎– In/Flux / Hindsight Press Release Press Release - Cat # MW 014
1993 MW014 Press Release.jpg
1994 DJ Shadow - Lost & Found release announcement Letter - Details here X
1994 Forthcoming Shit - Announcing MoWax released for Oct-Dec 1994 Details here X
1995 Attica Blues - Blueprint Press Release Press Release There are two seperate press releases for two versions of album Cat # MW 038
1995 MW038DJ Press Release.jpg
1995 DJ Krush - Meiso Press Release Press Release Cat # MW 039
1995 MW039LPDJ Press Release.jpg
1996 Andrea Parker ‎– Melodious Thunk Press Release Press Release Cat # MW 040
1996 MW040 Press Release.jpg
1996 UNKLE - Berry Meditation Press Release Press Release - Details here
1996 MW069 Press Release.jpg
1996 MoWax Japan Catalogue Catalogue - Details here X
1996 MoWax Merchandise Catalogue 1996 Catalogue - Details here X
1996 MoWax Mailing Letter Letter Sent out to explain Headz 2 delay Details here X
1996 Sukia ‎– Contacto Espacial Con El Tercer Sexo Press Release Press Release Warning: Press Release / Insert Contains NSFW Images Cat # MW 073]
1997 MW073 (side 1) Press Release.jpg
1997 Preemptive Strike Press Release Press Release Written by DJ Shadow to let people know the album is a compilation of old songs Details here X
1997 Mo’Wax Newsletter Newsletter / Booklet Sent out to people who signed up for MoWax mailing list Details here X
1998 UNKLE ‎– Psyence Fiction Survival Kit Press Release Press Release Cat # MW 085DJ
1998 MW085DJ (side 1) Press Release.jpg
1998 UNKLE ‎– Psyence Fiction Press Release Press Release Cat # MW 085DJ
1998 MW085CDP Press Release.jpg
1998 UNKLE ‎– Rabbit In Your Headlights Poster Poster Cat # -
1998Rabbit Poster Light.jpg
1998 Money Mark ‎– Maybe I'm Dead Press Release Press Release Cat # MW 089
1998 MW089 Press Release.jpg
1998 Andrea Parker ‎– The Unknown / In Two Minds Press Release Press Release Cat # MW 098DJ
1999 MW098DJ (side 1) Press Release.jpg
1998 Mo’Wax Newsletter Number 2 Autumn ‘98 Newsletter / Poster - Details here X
1999 Blackalicious ‎– A2G Press Release Press Release
1999 MWR109DJ (side 1) Press Release.jpg
2000 Art of War Flyer Flyer Sent out by MoWax Japan Details here X
2000 Nigo ‎– March Of The General Press Release Press Release Cat # NIGO 4DJ
2000 NIGO 4DJ Press Release.jpg
2000 Blackalicious ‎– Deception Press Release Press Release
2000 MWR131 (side 1) Press Release.jpg
2001 South VS UNKLE ‎– Sexy Beast Press Release Press Release
2001 SEXYPRO1 Press Release (side 1).jpg
2001 The Art and Design of Ben Drury Postcard Advertising Ben Drury art show and announcing MoWax Internet Radio Details here and here X
2003 Never Never Land Promo Pack Promo Item Contains CD, Booklet, Badge, and Sticker Sheet
2003 NNL Stickers and Booklet 3.jpg