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November 2022

  • 1/11 - Roland interviewed James Lavelle and Alex James of PLEASURES about their recent collaboration and the Mo' Wax legacy. Read that here.
  • 1/11 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out last week. Inside, James Lavelle writes about Ronin II merch, the recent PLEASURES collaboration, and the first Mo' Wax release by Repercussions. Read the full newsletter here.

October 2022

  • 21/10 - A free launch event for the Pleasures merch featuring James Lavelle and Charlie Dark was held last week. James Lavelle posted a photo on his Instagram.

September 2022

  • 30/9 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired yesterday and is now available to listen back to here on Mixcloud.
  • 28/9 - James Lavelle and Miink are interviewed in issue 6 of DEK. Details here.
  • 1/9 - Yesterday Rōnin II was released digitally. It is available on streaming services or to purchase from your preferred service. Links here. Note: These are available mixed and unmixed like Rōnin I. Read the newsletter announcement here.
  • 1/9 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired yesterday and is now available to listen back to here on Mixcloud.
  • 1/9 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out on August 26. Inside, James Lavelle writes that two Reflex remixes have been played in clubs but are still to be released, he explains the delays for vinyl, and finally he shares some sketches by British street/graffiti artist Mode 2. Read the full newsletter here.

August 2022

  • 15/8 - B+ is presenting a show in England called Music of the Unseen. It features the music of David Axelrod and Charles Stepney. B+ photographed DJ Shadow for several Mo' Wax releases, and David Axelrod also released his final album on the label. More detail on Music of the Unseen here.
  • 15/8 - Ronin (The Reflex Remixes) has also been teased for release in the summer, featuring remixes by The Reflex. See discussion on U77 here.
  • 10/8 - The Rōnin II presale has started, with some items already selling out. The album will be released on vinyl (including a Deluxe Ltd Edition, Standard Edition, Ultra-Limited Test Pressing, and Ultra-Limited Artists’ Edition) as well as Deluxe CD, Cassette, and digitally. See the store for details, and read the announcement newsletter here.
  • 10/8 - Two new songs are available to stream and buy now. The Way Back Home (Rōnin / Original) and The Way Back Home (Rōnin Edit) are out now.
  • 10/8 - Rōnin II Merchandise is also available now. Including t-shirts, bags, slipmats, heavyweight foiled prints, mug and giftbox sets, sticker packs and postcard packs. See the store for details.
  • 9/8 - UNKLE have announced Rōnin II presale will start this Wednesday (10th), but with major delays expected for physical media. They wrote, "Please note that due to production delays, music formats are expected to ship October 2023. Merchandise items are expected to ship much sooner in October 2022. Orders combining music and merchandise will ship once everything is ready, so if you prefer to receive your merchandise sooner, please make separate orders." Read the email here.
  • 5/8 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired earlier this month and is now available to listen back to here on Mixcloud.
  • 5/8 - James Lavelle will be in discussion with artist Nathan Coley for When Words Become Art on 14 October 2022. Details here.

July 2022

  • 30/7 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out yesterday. Inside, James Lavelle says he's sorted his record collection and found some UNKLE and Mo' Wax records to sell in the future, he met DJ Shadow on his latest tour, and that a new UNKLE single will be out in August to promote Rōnin II. Newsletter subscribers can get 20% off at the UNKLE store. Finally, James recalls making UNKLE's remix of United Future Organization with Tim Goldsworthy and Brendan Lynch. Read the full newsletter here.
  • 3/7 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out this week. Inside, James Lavelle talks about attending the recent Meltdown, creating a mix for Apple, and says we'll hear more about Ronin II soon. He also shares images from 3D's book Fitting In. Read the full newsletter here.
  • 3/7 - James Lavelle created a mix for Apple Music. The mix contains a new remix Farewell (Rōnin / Revisited) which will also appear on Ronin II. Listen here.
  • 3/7 - James Lavelle hosted a Meltdown special on Soho Radio last month. Listen here.

June 2022

  • 21/6 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired earlier this month and is now available to listen back to here on Mixcloud.
  • 21/6 - DJ Shadow has released a new t-shirt raising money for young people with cancer. Details here.
  • 21/6 - James Lavelle has written about the passing of journalist Dom Phillips. Read on Facebook here.
  • 21/6 - UNKLE have announced they have joined the rosters of LittleBig (Worldwide excluding Americas) and outer/most (Americas). Read the news on Facebook here.
  • 31/6 - Rich File has released the first mix in a series which will include his work for Mo' Wax and UNKLE. The "Good Vibrations Thru My Bedroom Walls 1975-present" Chapter 1 - C90 Bedroom Version' is an autobiography through music. Listen on Rich's Mixcloud here.

May 2022

  • 31/5 - UNKLE's latest merch drop Studio:Rework will be available for pre-order to newsletter subscribers today (5pm BST). It will be limited to 50 items per design/variation.
  • 31/5 - UNKLE and Studio:Ar.Mour have collaborated with Be@rbrick on three new figures in 100%, 400%, and 1000%. The BE@RBRICK UNKLE x Studio Ar.Mour are available for pre-order from various toy stores online. The item should be available November 2022.
  • 31/5 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out last week. Inside, James Lavelle says he has helped soundtrack a new film called AD22 to be shown at Sotheby's on Tuesday 28 June, there's new Studio:Ar.Mour projects in the works, another merch drop is coming this week, and he reveals an early Major Force x Mo' Wax collaboration. Read the full newsletter here.
  • 31/5 - Following the news that composer Vangelis had died, BBC spoke to James Lavelle. Watch the interview here.
  • 31/5 - UNKLE have contributed to the new compilation The Birdsong Project, Vol. 1. Their song One for Sorrow can be streamed everywhere. Here's the YouTube link.
  • 13/5 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired this week and is now available to listen back to here on Mixcloud.
  • 5/5 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out last week. Inside, James Lavelle shares an update on the next UNKLE recordings (Rōnin II to be announced soon), Living In My Headphones will return on 11 May, and there's a new merch drop featuring the StudioUNKLE! Punk Script logo. Finally James is looking to collect photos of UNKLE related tattoos from fans. Read the full newsletter here.

April 2022

  • 2/4 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out yesterday. Inside, James Lavelle shares photos from a recent studio session, and announces he is part of a new book, THE SHINING: A Visual and Cultural Haunting out from Rough Trade Books. He also shares memories and a video from a show on 10 Sep 2001 featuring Futura and Nigo. Read the full newsletter here.

March 2022

  • 30/3 - UNKLE are releasing an instrumental version of Rōnin I. It is a digital release and is available on Bandcamp.
  • 25/3 - Hiroshi Fujiwara and Kan Takagi are releasing a book about their TINY PUNX / Last Orgy collaborations. These included Nigo and led to Major Force, and later work with James Lavelle. Read an interview with Hiroshi here (in Japanese) and find out more about the book here (in Japanese).
  • 20/3 - New UNKLE t-shirts will be available Monday 21st with all profits going to the Disasters Emergency Committee's humanitarian appeal, supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine. An email was sent out to newsletter subscribers on 18 March London time.
  • 9/3 - James Lavelle released a statement regarding the war in Ukraine. Read here.
  • 9/3 - James Lavelle thanked those who have sent messages of support regarding the recent death of his brother Henry Lavelle. Read on Facebook here.

Febuary 2022

  • 28/2 - James Lavelle has posted a statement following the death of his brother Henry Lavelle. Read on Facebook here.
  • 28/2 - UNKLE released new merch featuring the Mo' Wax logo: Mo' Wax Merch Drop 2022:001. It is the first of several expected this year to celebrate Mo' Wax's 30th anniversary. See the merch on the UNKLE store here.
  • 25/2 - James Lavelle recently posted a statement following the death of Mark Lanegan. Read on Facebook here.
  • 25/2 - The latest Original Headz newsletter should be released today with new merch featuring the Mo' Wax logo, according to teasing on the UNKLE Instagram account.
  • 25/2 - UNKLE recently uploaded the following mix to Mixcloud, James Lavelle presents Ghost London Mix (2002)". Listen here.
  • 5/2 - UNKLE have uploaded the following mix to Mixcloud, "James Lavelle presents iD Mix (1995)". Listen here.
  • 5/2 - UNKLE have uploaded the following mix to Mixcloud, "James Lavelle and MC Takagi Kan at Club Yellow, Tokyo (1998)". Listen here. This is the previously mentioned show from Mo Wax Night Japan September 1998.

January 2022

  • 22/1 - UNKLE have uploaded the following mix to Mixcloud, "James Lavelle presents World DJ Day at Fabric (2002)". Listen here.
  • 15/1 - UNKLE have uploaded the following mix to Mixcloud, "James Lavelle presents UNKLE - McQ Spring / Summer 2010 Def Mix (2010)". Listen here.
  • 14/1 - UNKLE have released a new remix, Catch Me When I Fall (Steven Weston Remix). It's available as an instrumental too. Listen to both tracks on Bandcamp now.
  • 14/1 - Announcing the remix, UNKLE wrote on Bandcamp, "UNKLE collaborator Steven Weston revisits Catch Me When I Fall, the final single from last year's Rōnin I mixtape, re-working the track in his signature melodic techno sound. It follows on from a busy year for Steven, with releases on both Blank Dust as well as Hooj Tunes (with a remix of Cafe Del Mar) and a forthcoming track on Sasha's Last Night On Earth label. Having garnered early support from John Digweed last year, the remix is released on streaming and download platforms today."
  • 1/1 - UNKLE have uploaded another old mix to Mixcloud. Titled 'James Lavelle presents a Guest Mix for James Hyman's The Rinse - XFM (2004)' you can hear it here.
  • 1/1 - UNKLE's US ARKHIVE sale is on now. It features CDs, vinyl, and merch from the War Stories era. Take a look at the store here.

December 2021

  • 31/12 - UNKLE's Original Headz newsletter for December has been sent out. James Lavelle reflects on 2021, and announced a new ARKHIVE sale will be coming soon featuring stock found in a US warehouse. He also released a video from Mo' Wax Japan. Read it all here.
  • 31/12 - UNKLE have uploaded a recording from their 1999 NME National Tour featuring James Lavelle and The Scratch Perverts. Listen on Mixcloud.
  • 26/12 - UNKLE have posted a Christmas gif featuring the UNKLE Angel. See it on Twitter and Facebook.
  • 26/12 - James Lavelle has created a mix for Good Hood's Good Vibes series. Listen on Mixcloud here, or find the link on Goog Hood's website here.
  • 23/12 - This weeks episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones was cancelled due to James being ill. According to UNKLE's Instagram story.
  • 18/12 - James Lavelle is taking part in Style in Revolt, an exhibition in China celebrating street culture. Lavelle is acting as Curatorial Consultant and Musical Director. Read Lavelle's statement here, and check the exhibitions Instagram for more details. It runs until March 2022.
  • 18/12 - The UNKLE Mixcloud has uploaded James Lavelle's mix from Mary Anne Hobbs which aired back in March this year. Listen here.
  • 18/12 - UNKLE's set from 22 Jun 2019 has also been uploaded to Mixcloud here.
  • 9/12 - UNKLE have released If We Don't Make It (Prequel Remix). Listen on Bandcamp.
  • 9/12 - James Lavelle uploaded a new mix to the UNKLE Mixcloud. Titled 'James Lavelle presents UNKLE Soundsystem - UNKLE Sounds / FabricLife Edit (2003) James Lavelle presents UNKLE Soundsystem - UNKLE Sounds / FabricLife Edit (2003)' you can listen here.
  • 9/12 - UNKLE's most recent merch drop, FINAL 2021 MERCH DROP still has some stock available from last week. Check it out here.

November 2021

  • 30/11 - UNKLE's Original Headz newsletter for November has been sent out. James Lavelle has announced an art show in Beijing, the Ronin vinyl pressings are shipping, and a final merch drop is due later today on Tuesday 30 November. Read it here.
  • 30/11 - UNKLE have uploaded the 2004 mix 'James Lavelle presents UNKLE Sounds - Where The Wild Things Are'. Listen on Mixcloud.
  • 30/11 - James Lavelle has released comment on the recent death of Virgil Abloh. Read it here on Instagram.
  • 30/11 - Lavelle has also shared a photo from his recent return to DJing at Spiritland. See it here on Instagram.
  • 19/11 - UNKLE released 'If We Don't Make It (DJ Nature Remix)' today. It's on Bandcamp now.
  • 7/11 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired this week and is now available to listen back to here on Mixcloud.
  • 4/11 - James Lavelle will be DJing at Spiritland with DJ Food on 26 Nov. Details here.

October 2021

  • 30/10 - UNKLE's Original Headz newsletter for October has been sent out. You can read it here. James Lavelle says his perforated ear drums have healed and he will be back in the studio soon. Ronin II will be mastered soon. New remixes of If We Don't Make It are coming soon. The Halloween Merch is out now, and finally, James Lavelle has found a video promoting the Urban Archeology - exhibition exhibition from 1997, you can watch it here.
  • 29/10 - UNKLE are having a Halloween merch sale at 5pm this Friday (London Time). The sale will be open to newsletter subscribers first, and you can subscribe to their newsletter here.
  • 29/10 - The next episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones is scheduled to air next Thursday November 4 on Soho Radio.
  • 7/10 - DJ Shadow is having his annual record sale in LA on October 23 and 24. Details here.

September 2021

  • 25/9 - UNKLE's Original Headz newsletter for September has been sent out. You can read it here. James Lavelle is working on an audio version of the Beyond The Road exhibition, another Arkhive Sale is coming next week, a Beyond The Road giveaway is coming to Instagram, UNKLE have uploaded their Off White mix to Soundclound, James Lavelle also revealed a previously unseen That's How It Is promo video. Read the newsletter for more details.
  • 25/9 - Jim Robertson is releasing a project collecting photos from when James Lavelle released UNKLE's The Road Part 1 album. Some details here.
  • 19/9 - UNKLE have announced a forthcoming NFT collaboration with W&N Studio and the Evening Standard Magazine for London Fashion Week. See the announcement on these Instagram posts: 1, 2, 3.
  • 19/9 - UNKLE's reconstruction of Future Utopia's Nature or Nurture? / Am I Built Like This? is out now. Find your streaming service here. The remix EP features two versions of the UNKLE Reconstruction and the original.
  • 3/9 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired last week and is now available to Listen back to it here on Mixcloud.

August 2021

  • 28/8 - UNKLE's Original Headz newsletter for August has been sent out. You can read it here. To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the release of Psyence Fiction, UNKLE announced a Psyence Fiction merch drop is coming on Tuesday. James Lavelle also revealed a previously unseen UNKLE Pointman visual. Read the newsletter for more details.
  • 18/8 - Last week UNKLE also released Catch Me When I Fall (Rōnin Edit) and Catch Me When I Fall (Rōnin Vocal Mix). The two new mixes are both available on streaming services.
  • 15/8 - Two new t-shirts have been released on the UNKLE store for the UNKLE X NANA collaboration with South Korean graffiti artist NANA. These were released to celebrate Beyond The Road art show in South Korea. See James Lavelle's statement here.
  • 11/8 - James Lavelle is interviewed on episode 13 of the For Your Ears Only podcast where he discusses how he almost scored the latest James Bond film, and picks some of his favourite music. Listen on Spotify now.
  • 11/8 - UNKLE have remixed a song from The Future Utopia's latest album. A new album of remixes titled 12 Questions After Dark will be released September 10.
  • 10/8 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired last week and is now available to Listen back to it here on Mixcloud.
  • 6/8 - The Studio:AR.Mour t-shirts are now available in Japan. The new clothing label from James Lavelle and Kuzuki Kuraishi has launched a website, and Instagram, and people overseas can make a purchase from their store. The t-shirts are ¥6,600(Tax Included).
  • 1/8 - James Lavelle will DJ at the Laces Out 2021 after party on Saturday 7th August. He will also be in conversation as previously announced here. The afterparty details were announced on Twitter today.

July 2021

  • 30/7 - UNKLE's Original Headz newsletter for July has been sent out. You can read it here. Announced are 'Catch Me When I Fall (Rōnin Vocal mix)' coming August 6th, and then on 18th August three remixes of 'Catch Me' by producer Abel Ray. Also announced is AR.Mour, a new "multidisciplinary lifestyle brand for creative outsiders", from James Lavelle and Kuzuki Kuraishi. Their first release is coming to Japan this weekend. Finally, James Lavelle talks about Massive Attack's Blue Lines album.
  • 30/7 - Giant Step have shared a live set by James Lavelle from 1993. Listen here on Mixcloud and read more about the event on our page: 23 Jul 1993.
  • 25/7 - James Lavelle and Gilles Peterson will be DJing a special That's How It Is set on August 19 for We Out Here festival. James made the announcement via UNKLE's Twitter. Further details to be announced on the festivals website.
  • 23/7 - James Lavelle will be in conversation as part of Laces Out 2021 on Saturday 7th August. Check the announcement here. More details are apparently to come.
  • 23/7 - James Lavelle has included an artwork in the One Of A Kind fundraising auction. It's on now. See his artwork 'Pure Ecstasy' here.
  • James Lavelle's Beyond The Road exhibition is touring Korea. Details at the official Instagram.
  • 3/7 - UNKLE have remixed Krust's Hegel Dialect and it is available on streaming now. Listen on YouTube here. The remix will also feature on a vinyl EP available July 23. Details for the EP are here.

June 2021

  • 26/6 - UNKLE's Original Headz newsletter for June has been sent out. You can read it here. New t-shirts have been released featuring the Mo' Wax logo, and James discussed hearing the first DJ Shadow songs for Mo' Wax, among a few other tidbits.
  • 25/6 - On Instagram, UNKLE have announced a new Mo' Wax t-shirt will be released soon. Mailing list subscribers will be first to know.
  • 24/6 - As part of Terry Hall presents Home Sessions UNKLE will perform. James Lavelle wrote on Instagram, "Myself and Steven Weston will be performing a brand new Rōnin AV show, with the amazing backdrop of Coventry Cathedral at midnight on the evening of Friday 30th July. General bookings open 10am on Friday 25 June." More information is available here.
  • 7/6 - James Lavelle has posted on UNKLE's Instagram that he is recording in Tuscany. See the post here.

May 2021

  • 30/5 - The fifth Original Headz newsletter was sent out yesterday announcing James Lavelle is in Italy working on a soundtrack with Planet Funk. Stock of the Redux reissue is also shipping out now after some delay. Rōnin 2 is now mixed and further remixes are being commissioned, similar to the recently released Lost Souls remixes. Finally, the newsletter lists the three Record Store Day releases UNKLE is featured on, the UNKLE Reconstruction of Texas and Wu Tang Clan's 'HI', the UNKLE Reconstruction of 'Falling Spikes' on Japanese Television's 3 (Remixed), and Still Life's remix of UNKLE's Heaven on Stella Polaris Music. See the Record Store Day website for details on each release.
  • 27/5 - Lost Souls of Saturn have remixed UNKLE's Do Yourself Some Good. There are two remixes which are available on the UNKLE Bandcamp page.
  • 8/5 - Yesterday UNKLE released the Do Yourself Some Good (Demi Riquísimo Remix). Listen on Bandcamp.
  • 8/5 - Regarding the previous drop of Rōnin Merchandise, UNKLE sent an email with the following update: "Meanwhile the team has been busy sourcing the plain shirts for merch drop 1 and they are just about to start printing, so if you ordered from that drop, you can expect your orders to ship in the next few weeks."
  • 4/5 - DJ Shadow discusses working on UNKLE's Rabbit In Your Headlights in todays The New Cue, a newsletter started by some ex-Q Magazine staff. Read it here.
  • 1/5 - The fourth Original Headz newsletter was sent out yesterday announcing new merch coming soon, James Lavelle is in the studio working on new music, UNKLE have a newly designed website, and two new remixes of Do Yourself Some Good are coming soon, with the first by Demi Requismo arriving on May 7th.

April 2021

  • 25/4 - All of the Rōnin Merchandise is now sold out. No shipping date was listed for the t-shirt pre-orders, but the Rōnin store does note that all vinyl will be shipped in August due to delays at the pressing plants.
  • 22/4 - UNKLE have announced on their Instagram story that new merch will be dropping at 5PM Friday and fans should sign up to the UNKLE mailing list to be first to find out.
  • 13/4 - An interview from 2014 with James Lavelle has recently been uploaded by Byronesque. Take a look here as he recalls seeing Soul II Soul and the early sound system days. There's also two video directed by Justin Westover featuring music from Never Never Land. The videos were first uploaded to Vimeo 7 years ago.
  • 10/4 - UNKLE have sent out an email announcing everyone who orders a copy of Rōnin I from the UNKLE official store before 30 April 2021 will be entered into a draw to win test pressings and merchandise. Winners will be notified one week after the closing date, and customers who previously made orders have been automatically entered into the draw. Read the email here.
  • 8/4 - James Lavelle has scored the soundtrack to a short film titled AD2021 for furniture designers Clarke and Reilly. Watch the film and read more details on Another Mag.
  • 8/4 - A remix of an UNKLE song appears on a new compilation by Stella Polaris Music. The compilation will be released for Record Store Day. Details here.
  • 8/4 - Also from Record Store Day, UNKLE have remixed Texas featuring Wu Tang Clan. Details here.
  • 2/4 - More information has been shared about the Kickstarter rewards: They are all pre-psyence fiction album demos, done after James came back from LA, when he was working with Tim Goldsworthy. The vinyl came from a DAT marked 'UNKLE 1 Rough Mix', the cassette is a facsimile of the session DAT from Milo studios. Lonely Soul also came out of that session at Milo, as Josh was there working on that. So the titles are literally just what they were recorded as on those DATs - Vinyl: UNKLE 1 Rough Mix - Cassette: ‘Untitled One’ and ‘Untitled Two’
  • 2/4 - The Ronin listening party on Twitter from earlier this week can be relived here.

March 2021

  • 29/3 - James Lavelle has been interviewed by Clash Magazine. He talks about this years Rōnin mixtapes, The Road Part 3, the That's How It Is mixes he did in 2020, and sorting through the UNKLE archives. Read the whole thing here.
  • 29/3 - James Lavelle spoke to NME about the new UNKLE mixtape, part 2, and a potential UNKLE Greatest Hits album. Read it here.
  • 29/3 - Listen back to James Lavelle on Mary Anne Hobbs' show on BBC Radio.
  • 29/3 - South have posted a short documentary on the recording of their album From Here On In which was produced with James Lavelle and released on Mo' Wax. Watch it on YouTube.
  • 27/3 - Fans have begun receiving the Kickstarter rewards. They are a 7" record and cassette tape featuring demos from 1996, and a t-shirt. No track listing was given for the cassette or record.
  • 27/3 - Rōnin I is availble on Bandcamp in as a mixed and non-mixed edition.
  • 26/3 - Rōnin I is out now.
  • 26/3 - James Lavelle will be the guest on Mary Anne Hobbs show at 12PM London Time today on BBC 6.
  • 18/3 - UNKLE's 'If We Don't Make It' is available to stream now.
  • 18/3 - There will be a listening party for the new Ronin mixtape on March 30. Details on Twitter.
  • 17/3 - UNKLE's Facebook page has announced they are hand stamping the Kickstarter 7" vinyl now.
  • 17/3 - James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones will return on March 17th to Soho Radio. Listen here. The UNKLE instagram story has promised "new material" will be played.
  • 17/3 - South have posted Polaroids from the recording of their debut album on Mo' Wax. The photos feature James Lavelle and Rich File along with the rest of the band. A short documentary is also promised to be coming soon. Take a look at the post here.
  • 16/3 - Bape have announced a new collaboration with UNKLE featuring shoes, jackets, hoodies, and t-shirts. See the announcement on the Bape Japan Instagram page here and our page dedicated to BAPE VS UNKLE/MO WAX - Original Headz. Everything will be available from March 20th.
  • 16/3 - UNKLE have sent out a new email announcing the new Ronin I mixtape will go on sale first to subscribers of the email newsletter, with the store opening Tuesday 16th March at 5pm GMT. The release will feature a new single 'If We Don't Make It', and will be available as Test Pressing - £65, Double Clear Vinyl - £29.99, Double Orange Vinyl - £29.99, White and Orange splatter Double Vinyl - £35.99, Single CD - £11.99, Limited Edition Double CD (second CD is unmixed) - £16.99, Cassette White - £9.99, Cassette Orange - £9.99. Copies are limited, with the test pressing limited to 20 copies, other vinyl limited to 1000, CDs limited to 2000, and cassettes limited to 150 copies each. Some editions come with booklets, info sheets, and stickers.
  • 6/3 - Liela Moss has released a video titled ZoomAge Daydream with James Lavelle. They discuss the lockdown and remixing among other things. You can watch the video on YouTube now.

February 2021

  • 27/2 - Part two of the Arkhive Sale is on now with more t-shirts and prints from UNKLE's archive made available. See the collection here.
  • 27/2 - A second Original Headz newsletter was sent out announcing James Lavelle is currently finishing part two of the Rōnin mixtape, and that Living In My Headphones will return on March 17th to Soho Radio. The Soho Radio website previously listed the show appearing on February 17, but it appears this was in error.
  • 23/2 - Japanese Television's FALLING SPIKES (UNKLE RECONSTRUCTION) is out now. The UNKLE remix is from Japanese Television's new EP III (Remixed) which will be released 19th March 2021.
  • 15/2 - UNKLE's remix of Leila Moss' Atoms At Me will be out on February 17th.
  • 15/2 - James Lavelle discussed the new UNKLE song on Shaun Keaveny's show on BBC last week. Listen back here. James starts around 1 hour and 48 minutes in.
  • 13/2 - South's debut album From Here On In, and the b-side album From Here On Out, are being re-released on vinyl, limited to 500 pressings. James Lavelle and Rich File contributed to the album which was originally released in 2001. Due for release on March 26th, you can preorder them now via Club AC30: From Here On In, From Here On Out.
  • 12/2 - UNKLE's new single Do Yourself Some Good has been written about by Clash, NME, and other publications. The articles all use the same press release as their source quoting James Lavelle who says the new Rōnin mixtape was originally began life as preparation for a live show, but covid meant that it has been reimagined as a mixtape. 'Rōnin I' which will be released on March 26th.
  • 11/2 - UNKLE have released Do Yourself Some Good (Ronin Throwdown). The new song was premiered on BBC 6 where James Lavelle gave a short introduction. The song will appear on the mixtape 'Rōnin I' which will be released on March 26th by Studio:UNKLE. Alongside the Ronin Throwdown there is also a shorter Ronin Edit. Both songs are available on all streaming services and can be purchased from Bandcamp.

January 2021

  • 30/1 - UNKLE have started the sale on their website, with many items selling out quickly. The sale includes vinyl and clothing such as Ar.Mour Hoodies, The Road t-shirts, The Fourness t-shirts, a Mo' Wax logo glitter print, Daydreaming brochure and tote bag, and the Contents Under Pressure booklet. Take a look on the UNKLE store.
  • 30/1 - UNKLE released the first volume of their newsletter, Original Headz Vol 1, Issue 1, where James Lavelle has promised "the next 12 months looks to be a productive year." Two remixes (Leila Moss' Atoms At Me and Japanese Television's Falling Spikes) and a new UNKLE single are releasing soon, with more content arriving across the year including "new remixes from The Road, and a series of new UNKLE records, starting with two Ronin mixtapes." A new website is coming soon while new merch is also promised. You can read a copy and pasted version on our Original Headz page.
  • 25/1 - UNKLE have announced an "UNKLE ARKHIVE SALE". Fans who sign up to their newsletter / mailing list will get a first look. Sign up here.
  • 22/1 - UNKLE have a new website and are inviting fans to sign up to their newsletter to get the latest UNKLE news. Sign up here. They also announced their new logo is by Gio Estevez, who previously designed the Nike X Mo’ Wax Build and Destroy Collection. The logo itself was created in 1994 and features on an untitled painting. James Lavelle previously described Gio Estevez as a "long time friend and artist Gio Estevez, one of the original members of the Supreme skate team... I met Gio when I was 22, after seeing his paintings in Supreme and we instantly became best mates. At Mo’Wax he created the text for the UNKLE “Berry Meditation” single, a couple of Christmas cards, and a toy that never came out. His writing style is amazing and brings that illustrative angle. There’s a history there and yet he’s also a contemporary of mine now.".
  • 21/1 - James Lavelle has been interviewed for “Not In Paris 2”, a series by HIGHSNOBIETY. Read it here, and see some of the accompanying photos and video on the UNKLE Instagram.
  • 15/1 - UNKLE have remixed Japanes Television from the EP III. Falling Spikes - UNKLE Reconstruction is part of EP III Remixed, available to pre-order now and will be released March 18, 2021.
  • 8/1 - Exodus Revisited is out now streaming digitally. There are three versions, Extended, Edited, and Alternative.
  • 4/1 - UNKLE have posted on Instagram that they are back in the studio and that the Ronin mix teased last year is coming soon.
  • 4/1 - UNKLE also posted a list rounding up what they did in 2020. See that here.

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