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Welcome to the Unkle Wiki

This is an unofficial wiki relating to Unkle, James Lavelle and Mo'Wax

The primary emphasis of this site is to create a gigography collecting reviews, photos, posters etc. for every Unkle gig. But it can be more. It would be amazing to expand to all Mo'Wax artists, but that is up to you.

Current Pages

  • Gigography - focusing on James Lavelle and Unkle gigs
  • Charts - Mo' Wax releases in the Music Charts
  • Merchandise - A list of James Lavelle and Unkle merchandise
  • Bibliography - A listing of articles and interviews relating to Unkle

Future Pages

  • and more... - The Wiki is what you make of it.

Unkle News

February 2024

January 2024

  • 19/1 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired earlier this week and is now available to listen back to here on Mixcloud.

December 2023

  • 31/12 - UNKLE have released their Winter 2023 drop of merch. It includes two new t-shirt designs and a hoodie. See them here.
  • 31/12 - Have you ever wondered who the man is on the cover of DJ Shadow's Midnight In A Perfect World? It's record seller John Hillyard. Recently, DJ Shadow Reconstructed published an article by James Gaunt called Remembering John Hillyard that explores who he was and his connection with DJ Shadow.
  • 31/12 - Studio AR.Mour have released new limited edition Varsity Jackets featuring the UNKLE logo, alongside hoodies, t-shirts, and sweat pants. Check them out on the Studio AR.Mour website.
  • 31/12 - Studio AR.Mour were also featured in the October 2023 edition of Japanese magazine Prodism (per UNKLE's Instagram).
  • 31/12 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out at the end of December. Inside, James Lavelle writes about his year and says he is "keeping busy in the studio working on exciting projects for next year which I look forward to sharing with you." You can read past issues Unfortunately, since August 2023 there's no archive available to read online, but you can see past issues here. Anyone interested in getting the latest issues should subscribe from the UNKLE website.
  • 31/12 - James Lavelle will be DJing in Parma, Italy at Piazza Garibaldi for New Year's Eve. Entry is free. Details here.
  • 31/12 - James Lavelle will be DJing in Hungary at A38 on 17 February 2024. Details here.

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