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Welcome to the Unkle Wiki

This is an unofficial wiki relating to Unkle, James Lavelle and Mo'Wax

The primary emphasis of this site is to create a gigography collecting reviews, photos, posters etc. for every Unkle gig. But it can be more. It would be amazing to expand to all Mo'Wax artists, but that is up to you.

Current Pages

  • Gigography - focusing on James Lavelle and Unkle gigs
  • Charts - Mo' Wax releases in the Music Charts
  • Merchandise - A list of James Lavelle and Unkle merchandise
  • Bibliography - A listing of articles and interviews relating to Unkle

Future Pages

  • and more... - The Wiki is what you make of it.

Unkle News

January 2022

  • 22/1 - UNKLE have uploaded the following mix to Mixcloud, "James Lavelle presents World DJ Day at Fabric (2002)". Listen here.
  • 15/1 - UNKLE have uploaded the following mix to Mixcloud, "James Lavelle presents UNKLE - McQ Spring / Summer 2010 Def Mix (2010)". Listen here.
  • 14/1 - UNKLE have released a new remix, Catch Me When I Fall (Steven Weston Remix). It's available as an instrumental too. Listen to both tracks on Bandcamp now.
  • 14/1 - Announcing the remix, UNKLE wrote on Bandcamp, "UNKLE collaborator Steven Weston revisits Catch Me When I Fall, the final single from last year's Rōnin I mixtape, re-working the track in his signature melodic techno sound. It follows on from a busy year for Steven, with releases on both Blank Dust as well as Hooj Tunes (with a remix of Cafe Del Mar) and a forthcoming track on Sasha's Last Night On Earth label. Having garnered early support from John Digweed last year, the remix is released on streaming and download platforms today."
  • 1/1 - UNKLE have uploaded another old mix to Mixcloud. Titled 'James Lavelle presents a Guest Mix for James Hyman's The Rinse - XFM (2004)' you can hear it here.
  • 1/1 - UNKLE's US ARKHIVE sale is on now. It features CDs, vinyl, and merch from the War Stories era. Take a look at the store here.

December 2021

  • 31/12 - UNKLE's Original Headz newsletter for December has been sent out. James Lavelle reflects on 2021, and announced a new ARKHIVE sale will be coming soon featuring stock found in a US warehouse. He also released a video from Mo' Wax Japan. Read it all here.
  • 31/12 - UNKLE have uploaded a recording from their 1999 NME National Tour featuring James Lavelle and The Scratch Perverts. Listen on Mixcloud.
  • 26/12 - UNKLE have posted a Christmas gif featuring the UNKLE Angel. See it on Twitter and Facebook.
  • 26/12 - James Lavelle has created a mix for Good Hood's Good Vibes series. Listen on Mixcloud here, or find the link on Goog Hood's website here.
  • 23/12 - This weeks episode of James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones was cancelled due to James being ill. According to UNKLE's Instagram story.
  • 18/12 - James Lavelle is taking part in Style in Revolt, an exhibition in China celebrating street culture. Lavelle is acting as Curatorial Consultant and Musical Director. Read Lavelle's statement here, and check the exhibitions Instagram for more details. It runs until March 2022.
  • 18/12 - The UNKLE Mixcloud has uploaded James Lavelle's mix from Mary Anne Hobbs which aired back in March this year. Listen here.
  • 18/12 - UNKLE's set from 22 Jun 2019 has also been uploaded to Mixcloud here.
  • 9/12 - UNKLE have released If We Don't Make It (Prequel Remix). Listen on Bandcamp.
  • 9/12 - James Lavelle uploaded a new mix to the UNKLE Mixcloud. Titled 'James Lavelle presents UNKLE Soundsystem - UNKLE Sounds / FabricLife Edit (2003) James Lavelle presents UNKLE Soundsystem - UNKLE Sounds / FabricLife Edit (2003)' you can listen here.
  • 9/12 - UNKLE's most recent merch drop, FINAL 2021 MERCH DROP still has some stock available from last week. Check it out here.

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