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Welcome to the Unkle Wiki

This is an unofficial wiki relating to Unkle, James Lavelle and Mo'Wax

The primary emphasis of this site is to create a gigography collecting reviews, photos, posters etc. for every Unkle gig. But it can be more. It would be amazing to expand to all Mo'Wax artists, but that is up to you.

Current Pages

  • Gigography - focusing on James Lavelle and Unkle gigs
  • Charts - Mo' Wax releases in the Music Charts
  • Merchandise - A list of James Lavelle and Unkle merchandise
  • Bibliography - A listing of articles and interviews relating to Unkle

Future Pages

  • and more... - The Wiki is what you make of it.

Unkle Updates

Recent / Upcoming Events

  • Nov 26 - James Lavelle DJing at Spiritland - Tickets here.

Recent / Upcoming Releases

  • March 26th - Rōnin I Mixtape
  • TBC - Rōnin 2 Mixtape

Unkle News

September 2022

  • 1/9 - Yesterday Rōnin II was released digitally. It is available on streaming services or to purchase from your preferred service. Links here. Note: These are available mixed and unmixed like Rōnin I. Read the newsletter announcement here.
  • 1/9 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired yesterday and is now available to listen back to here on Mixcloud.
  • 1/9 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out on August 26. Inside, James Lavelle writes that two Reflex remixes have been played in clubs but are still to be released, he explains the delays for vinyl, and finally he shares some sketches by British street/graffiti artist Mode 2. Read the full newsletter here.

August 2022

  • 15/8 - B+ is presenting a show in England called Music of the Unseen. It features the music of David Axelrod and Charles Stepney. B+ photographed DJ Shadow for several Mo' Wax releases, and David Axelrod also released his final album on the label. More detail on Music of the Unseen here.
  • 15/8 - Ronin (The Reflex Remixes) has also been teased for release in the summer, featuring remixes by The Reflex. See discussion on U77 here.
  • 10/8 - The Rōnin II presale has started, with some items already selling out. The album will be released on vinyl (including a Deluxe Ltd Edition, Standard Edition, Ultra-Limited Test Pressing, and Ultra-Limited Artists’ Edition) as well as Deluxe CD, Cassette, and digitally. See the store for details, and read the announcement newsletter here.
  • 10/8 - Two new songs are available to stream and buy now. The Way Back Home (Rōnin / Original) and The Way Back Home (Rōnin Edit) are out now.
  • 10/8 - Rōnin II Merchandise is also available now. Including t-shirts, bags, slipmats, heavyweight foiled prints, mug and giftbox sets, sticker packs and postcard packs. See the store for details.
  • 9/8 - UNKLE have announced Rōnin II presale will start this Wednesday (10th), but with major delays expected for physical media. They wrote, "Please note that due to production delays, music formats are expected to ship October 2023. Merchandise items are expected to ship much sooner in October 2022. Orders combining music and merchandise will ship once everything is ready, so if you prefer to receive your merchandise sooner, please make separate orders." Read the email here.
  • 5/8 - The latest episode James Lavelle's Living In My Headphones aired earlier this month and is now available to listen back to here on Mixcloud.
  • 5/8 - James Lavelle will be in discussion with artist Nathan Coley for When Words Become Art on 14 October 2022. Details here.

July 2022

  • 30/7 - The latest Original Headz newsletter came out yesterday. Inside, James Lavelle says he's sorted his record collection and found some UNKLE and Mo' Wax records to sell in the future, he met DJ Shadow on his latest tour, and that a new UNKLE single will be out in August to promote Rōnin II. Newsletter subscribers can get 20% off at the UNKLE store. Finally, James recalls making UNKLE's remix of United Future Organization with Tim Goldsworthy and Brendan Lynch. Read the full newsletter here.

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